Why You NEED an Email List Of Your Own

The Money’s In The List

You may have heard it before, and you’ll definitely hear it again: “the money is in the list!” Having an email list of your own enables you to do more with your customer base than ever before. So how do you build a list of your own as a network marketer? Let’s take a look at how to get them hooked!marketing-automation-tools-for-roi-331x230.jpg

Creating Your Hook

Starting with the most important part of list building, giving something away in return for their email address.

Creating a hook is easy, all you have to do is produce a product that you could sell but instead you give it away. Most people say this is important to get more people to sign up, it definitely does increase conversions by a lot but it also has an even powerful-er part to it, it can make you a lot of money.

In fact my first 6 figures made online was through a FREE report I gave away on one of my blogs. Let’s say you have a web design blog, you could created a report called “17 Ways To Make More Money As a Web Designer”.

In this report you teach visitors these ways, some things include them buying something that of course will genuinely help them but also make you money as an affiliate. So for example, one tip is to get business cards created and you suggest their buy them through Vista Print which of course is an affiliate link. Another suggestion could be they should become hosting resellers for their clients and then they buy a reseller account via your affiliate link.

All your content needs to help them and of course make you money. If you struggle for time, a 17 tips type report can be done in a couple hours quite easily so don’t feel you need to go all out with a long eBook. My report is being sent out in a email delivered by Aweber, the report is the email.

Hopefully now you have some sort of idea of what FREE report you want to create, it doesn’t have to be a really long thing, it just needs to help website visitors in some way so that they want to buy something in the report and stay subscribed for more content. Some bloggers deliver their report in a PDF format which is automatically sent to new subscribers via your email marketing solution (I use Aweber for this) and some bloggers find it easier just to deliver the report in one long email, which is what I do.

– via How To Make Money Online

The Purpose of Building Your Email List

If you want people to join your list, you’ve got to understand your customer base! Where do they hang out online? What are their biggest needs, and how can you help meet those needs? Having insight into your customer experience can radically change the way you approach building your email list. Here are a few vital insights to keep in mind!

You have to focus on building a community, not a list

“18,775 new subscribers. Mission accomplished.” This is a statement I made while working at a successful brand a couple of years ago and that I now regret having made.

Why? Because I did not see the opportunity to turn that number into something more: a thriving community that could reach the critical mass where it becomes self-sustainable.

The platforms, technology and tactics to transform a subscriber list into a community are there. You just need to get in the right mindset and look beyond the stats from time to time.

Put simply, if you focus on creating a community around the need you’re fulfilling the only thing you need to worry is fueling it’s growth. If you focus on just building a list, you’ll need to worry about many more things, from reduced engagement, high(er) list churn and even diminishing returns after a point.

You need to know your customer’s buying journey (and all touch points) so you can choose the best tactics.

It makes me sad that most businesses don’t take the time to actually map out buyer journeys and customer personas. Knowing what touch points to optimize and for what segment can improve the ROI of (not only) email marketing tenfold.

Trust me, if you take the time to map out your buying journey with all the existing touch points, you’ll be able to make precise adjustments to your efforts and choose the best tactics…

– via KommerZen

Do you have a list of your own? What are you waiting for?

My “Go-To” resource list I use regularly.

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