Why Lead Generation is VITAL for Network Marketing

The Real Scoop on Network Marketing Success

If you want to make money with network marketing, being able to generate new leads is key. New leads means fresh eyes looking at your offer for the first time, and that’s an essential part of any business. Let’s take a look at why this matters so much, and especially for network marketers!

Mastery of the fundamentals is key in your ability to work any leads you generate.

And since you have experienced the online network marketing world to some extent I will warn you a bit of caution: not everyone, top earners included, consider leads the same exact thing.

There are some out there (even some gurus) that will call an email subscriber a lead, probably because an email subscriber is considered an asset (you can attach a numerical value to them).

A lead is only a lead in network marketing if you have their phone number and they’ve expressed interest in your primary business, end of story.
– via Jason Lee

Here are some tips for generating leads in Network Marketing.

Actively prospect on LinkedIn

Using a template to reach out to working professionals. We teach our guys to utilize the advanced search function inside LinkedIn which allows you to narrow people down by location. This way you can target people in your local area and see if they’re open to meeting up for “networking” and “mutual business networking relationships.” You can then decide if they qualify to look at your company presentation and bam, you have a lead at that point. If they don’t qualify after a sit down, you at least have one more high class professional in your phone list that may have a need you can solve down the road. A good number to shoot for is 30 reach outs a day if you want to book daily meetings.

Actively prospect on Facebook

Use a template again and change it slightly for each person. I wouldn’t actively reach out to more than 15 people a day or Facebook may ban your account. This number may change depending on how stingy Facebook decides to get, but if you space the messages out over 12 hours you should be fine.
– via Jason Lee

More Lead Generation Ideas for Network Marketing

These two ideas for lead generation are great, but if it is vital there have to be more ways to do it. The available methods for generating leads are almost as varied as business people themselves! While the most common methods out there do work, there are also tons of effective, outside-the-box ways to generate leads that many network marketers overlook. Check out just a few of these unique ways to bring leads in for network marketing!

Provide Social Proof

When you share case studies or reviews, as well as nominations and awards you’ve received, you create an understanding out in the world that you really are a valued resource and vendor. In effect you are backing up your marketing claims.


Speaking of marketing, remarketing a product or service is another great way to generate leads. Has it been awhile since you promoted or launched something? Create a new message, maybe even for a new target market, and get it out there. You can generate renewed interest this way.

Influencer Marketing

This is similar to social proof but is when trusted influencers toot your horn. There are those people who garner respect and trust. We look to those people to tell us who else has value – where should we invest our time and money? When these influencers are talking about you, your value increases dramatically and therefore your leads.


One of the best ways to share information is through infographics. You can easily create them using platforms like Piktochart. Remember, sharing information is a great way to generate leads. People want to do business with experts.

Online Events & Open Calls

Have you ever used Google+ Hangouts or Skype to create an online discussion? There’s great power in setting up impromptu or planned, general information events. When they are designed to be drop-ins, people are more comfortable attending and are open to hearing what you have to say. You can build trust and prospective business by starting conversations with people.

Social Listening

Monitor what is being said about your business and brand. When you know what is being said, and who is saying it, you can target your messages.

Data Gathering

This goes along with social listening. You can create targeted ads and posts to see who responds and how they respond. That tells you where you should be saying what to whom.


Sharing information in a verbal format is a great way to draw prospects to yourself and show them who you are and what you know. You can set up an online radio show or create audio files and upload them to the social networks.
– via Small Business Trends

Are you doing enough to generate new leads for your network marketing? Are there any new methods you’re considering giving a try?

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