What is all the Hoopla About the 4 Percent Group and the 7 Steps to Results Guide

There is a huge amount of attention being focused on the 4% Group even as I write this especially in regards to the 7 Steps To Results Guide…

The big question is why is there so much interest after all there are probably countless programs out there that have similar claims about making money as an affiliate marketer and finally breaking through within the online space.  With the numbers of people flocking daily to make money online opportunities it is not amazing to me that the 4% group is getting all the attention. I will make a humble attempt to pinpoint the reason for the “Hoopla” although I honestly believe it to be multiple reasons and I will go over that now starting with the “7 Steps to Results”.

The “7 Steps to Results” guide is simplicity at its finest and new members get to set up their system while they follow step by step instructions.  There is no need to be technically competent (although that never hurts) as the videos are very detailed and you have an over the shoulder vantage point that allows you to see exactly how to set up everything.  Of course if you do get stuck the support department usually turns request around in about an hour in most cases. The main reason for the 7 steps is to help you set up your multiple streams of income (you heard right), get you hooked up with a domain name (important for advertising especially in FaceBook), explain why you need a link tracker and show you how to set it up correctly, helps you get your auto responder integrated with the system so you collect the leads, and the list goes on.  But the impressiveness of this program does not stop here because they also have Operation 100K training.

Operation 100K will take you by the hand and lead you step by step through the process for implementing an effective marketing strategy in promoting not just the 4% Group but any affiate offer out there.  This is not your average type of training hastily thrown together for a quick launch.  Actually it is quite the opposite as every detail has been cleverly thought out with actual results in mind.  It is not just another theory course that provides outdated affiliate marketing or network marketing training and then you are left to fend for yourself.  Instead you get high quality up to date training where you actually watch over the shoulder as you implement the strategies and start getting results in real time.  I almost forgot the mention that Operation 100K is complimentary with your membership.  It does not stop here as you will have your very own sales funnel you can start promoting immediately.

The sales funnel itself is something to behold.  Aside from your own auto responder being integrated into the funnel, it also has your multiple streams of income incorporated into it (remember I mentioned those above), and it comes with a low resistance point of entry and includes some “no brainer” upgrades and some high end sells.  The funnel is an evergreen funnel and is constantly being optimized.  There are also more funnels in process with the end goal of eliminating the saturation that happens with most programs soon after the launch. This is already more than enough to justify the “Hoopla” in my mind but it doesn’t end here because I have not told you about the affiliate center at all.

The affiliate center makes the whole program worth while as it includes every affiliate marketers dream of being able to view all their stats in one place.  Learn what is working and what is not and take real time action to optimize that portion of your marketing to improve your results. You can set up all your campaigns, catch a glimpse of your earnings, and access all your member data in one place; again set up with results in mind.  All in all in my time within this space I can honestly say I have not seen anything remotely as awesome as the 4% Group and the 7 Steps to Success and the best part is there is absolutely no risk as there is no cost for becoming a guest member and checking it all out for your self. You can register here at no cost.






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