Want To Know What It Takes To Make Money Online…Do You?

 What it takes to make money online may surprise you, scare you, and even discourage you.

Still want to know???? Just read on friends.

I am serious when I ask this question as most do not really want to know the real answer to “what it takes to make money online”. They are not interested in the truth, all they are really looking for is instant results.  Well over the years I have been online if I learned anything I learned that it is not difficult, not complicated, and certainly not instantaneous. However, it will take a lot of hard work on your part. I am going to be using an analogy of my recent weight loss journey to put this into perspective.

I have a 5 year old granddaughter and if you have one of those you know they are full of energy and grow like a weed.  I went to pick her up one day and almost dropped her, it was as if she had gained more weight than I could lift.  I decided if I was going to enjoy her company I needed to be in way better shape so I joined a gym.  Mind you I have been to many gyms over the years (remember I said granddaughter).  I just never really knew what it really took to get in shape. So for the most part I spent a lot on money and time at the gym and never got into shape. If you are like most of us you probably have had the same experience trying to make money online.  First and foremost you need a “Why” a big reason as to why you are committing to this weight loss fitness journey. This is paramount if you expect to have any chance at success. Next you need to understand it will not be instantaneous, and will take a lot of hard work.

I just want to add a caveat here so as not to distract or mislead you “I am not in the weight loss niche: though after all I have learned I should be.  There are three major areas I had to focus on in my fitness journey; strength training, cardio training, and nutrition. All of which I discovered I knew little to nothing about.  Needless to say I was overwhelmed at the gym with all the different equipment and exercise group sessions going on around me so I decided I would need a trainer and I got into a group called Team Fitness.

I soon found out this only included strength training so soon I had a cardio coach and a nutrition coach.  With their help and guidance I had a clear weight loss/fitness goal and a strategic plan on how I was going to get there.  I am proud to tell you that after three months following my plans and working with my trainers/coaches I have lost 35 pounds, lowered my cholesterol, and lowered my blood pressure to normal levels.  I also feel better than I have felt in decades and totally enjoy hanging out with my granddaughter. Ok, so now you are asking how does this apply to making money online??

Well, in order to make money online you are going to need pretty much the same thing starting with first and foremost a “Big WHY” starting to sound familiar?  You need to come to terms on the reason why you want to make money online and as I said before this is paramount.  Then you need to face the reality that it will not happen overnight and “YOU” will need to put in some hard work. In my weight loss/fitness journey  it would have been ludicrous for me to expect someone to do my exercises for me, someone to run the miles for me, and someone to feed me the proper food.  It is just as ludicrous to expect someone to do it all for you in the make money online arena.  So you need to set some realistic expectations for your journey regardless of the endeavor.

Next you are going to need a few things such as a trainer/mentor, a strategy for success (program/system) again; sound familiar?  You will need to set your goals, find a program/system or other strategy you can use to insure your success and last but not least a mentor you resonate with to help motivate, guide, and keep you accountable. Then you will need the proper tools to implement your strategy.  These is the second eye opener for most folks trying to make money online. They shudder at the thought of spending money on programs, auto responders, domains, websites, landing pages, traffic, and the list goes on and on.  In my weight loss journey I found a gym that had everything I needed in one place and if you are lucky you can find that in your make money online journey as well . Or you can continue spending time and money just spinning your wheels.  There are a many opportunities out there and sorting them out is a daunting task but I would focus on the ones that you feel have a viable system you can model.

If you would like to learn more about the four percent strategy I use in my business to make money online you can find out more about it here.


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