Twitter Tips For Network Marketers

Tips to help activate Twitter power for your business

Twitter is certainly connecting people all over the globe. What was once thought of as strictly for personal sharing is now also recognized as a powerful business tool. If you’ve never considered using Twitter to grow your business or if you aren’t finding success with your current approach to Twitter, today’s post may be just what you need. We look at some basic “must-dos”, strategies and even tools to make your Twitter marketing sing!

Strong profile

Create a Twitter profile that reflects your company’s culture and generates interest from existing customers and potential buyers as well. If you don’t yet have a Twitter account you can set one up for free at

Tailored tweets

When responding to tweets, customize your message for each conversation. It’s important to make all of your responses as unique as possible so your business can build meaningful relationships with followers.

Special promotions

Once you start to build a following you can offer special promotions available exclusively to your followers. Some businesses tweet a special offer code or secret word that customers can mention to get a discount when they visit your business in person or online.

Media mentions

Whenever there’s positive news about you, your business, or your industry, that’s something to tweet about. Be sure to mention the media outlet where the story appeared and include a link if possible.

High quality images

Include photos in your tweets. Research shows that a descriptive tweet with a high quality photo will get more clicks and inspire others to re-tweet it. Think of it as a caption and photo combination. The words are the setup and the photo is the punch line.

Special tools

Sign up for tools and services that help small businesses get the most from Twitter and other social media accounts. These include such things as SocialBro, TweetDeck, Hootsuite, Buffer, Nimble, SocialCentiv and many others.

– via Small Business Solutions Powered by AMAC

Use Twitter to Build Connections and Audience

Twitter for business is like an on-going business conference where great connections and interactions can occur. But much like that annual conference if you don’t go or you don’t interact with the other people attending, you miss your opportunity to network and grow your circle of influence. Twitter is very similar in another way to that conference in that every time you interact successfully (or not so much ) with someone on Twitter the group of people who are paying attention will also see that good interaction or otherwise. The difference with Twitter is the group of people paying attention can be large and that can be a winning situation for you!

In any lead generation process, building connection is the first and foremost part. By now, you would have an idea on how to find the right type of people to start generating leads for yourself.

The rules of thumb for Twitter marketing are:

  • Provide value
  • Be genuine
  • Establish a common interest
  • Ask questions to build conversation

The exact steps you need to follow to generate leads through Twitter are as below:

  • Find a member who has similar interest / experience with you
  • Follow him or her
  • [Optional] Send a tweet to the handler and start creating conversation
  • Once they follow back or reply, it means that they are interested with you

If you are looking for a better response rate, ask a question and in most cases (80% of the time), you’ll get a reply. Of course, make sure the question is relevant and logical.

Important tip: You can easily find an idea on what to ask by referring to their tagline or profile.

– via Smart Internet Lifestyle

Are you already using Twitter to market your business? Do you have tips or special techniques that work like crazy?

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