The Power Of Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing Could Be What You Need!

What part of your MLM business do you find the most stressful? What is it that you find yourself thinking about but not feeling successful about?

No one can answer that question for you, but if you are like many people the answer is how do I get prospects and how do I get those prospects to join my team?

If that sounds like you, I think you will find the excerpt below very encouraging and helpful. We’ll see how the concept of MLM Attraction Marketing can help you take your business from where it is now, to where you want it to be!


Is MLM Attraction Marketing The Secret To Success?

There isn’t any “magic button” solution that will make you a top earner, but there is a clear strategy to success and this is MLM Attraction Marketing.

It is essentially about providing value to people, helping them solve their problems and becoming the hunted rather than the “hunter”.

It’s very powerful but it takes time to get going and it also requires consistency. You need to go to work on your business each day thinking of how you can “serve people” rather than how you can “sell to them”. This will naturally “attract” people to you so the selling won’t be an issue!

MLM Attraction Marketing is one of the best kept MLM Money Making Secrets out there. Even though it’s well publicized, there are still so many people who “don’t get it at all” and that is why they spend all their time “selling their capture pages” on Facebook.

It is the strategy that you should be headed for each and every day.

Remember this though: It is not fast!

The reason it isn’t fast is because it is mostly a “passive marketing strategy” (unlike regular prospecting which is quicker). You are creating value to people, and eventually in the future, that will pay off. You are forming a connection by helping to “solve people’s problems” and people will “thank you” by joining your team.

One of the reasons “Attraction Marketing” works so well in this niche is because “most people are struggling” (A LOT) and they need someone to help them. Even if you are providing moral support, you are helping people.
– via Web Traffic Lounge

Tips To Apply Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing is a powerful part of a successful MLM business. It is a powerful part of MOST successful businesses no matter the type of business!

This concept is not new. Successful sales people have been using this technique as long as people have been selling things. They speak to the need of their prospect in a way that resonates. They offer to meet a need and try to be helpful even before the sale. They become a trusted resource for that prospect so that when the prospect is ready to buy they naturally are drawn back to the person who has already helped them.

Applying attraction marketing online where you aren’t speaking to the prospect face to face is still just as powerful but requires using the content you publish on your blog, on social media, in email to be magnetic.

In the excerpt below you’ll see three very important things to keep in mind when using attraction marketing in your online selling .


A = Aligning your message with your audience in an authentic way. When you know what you know, you know how to convey it. When you are trying to sell something, it comes across as fake. Keep it real — the only way you can do this and have it successfully persuade your audience, is to be authentic and endorse only what you, yourself have experienced. People are smart and they can spot a con within seconds. Don’t underestimate your target audience.

B = Believe in your products or services, and your ability to assist your target customer with any grievance. It is important to be accessible to your customer and ensure them that what you are offering is of quality. But remember, when your customer feels you are a person of quality, they won’t have any problem believing that you represent is a quality product.

C = Communicating and connecting in a consistent manner. Your audience wants to hear from you in a personable, direct way. Consistency implies a regular basis, but the key is setting the schedule in a way that your audience expects to hear from you. Make each piece of communication connect with your audience instead of a “sales pitch” to buy your product.
– via The Huffington Post

Have you been applying the technique of attraction marketing to your online business?

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