The Beginning of a new Era in Terrorism

I can still remember where I was on September 11th, 2001 as I am sure the majority of Americans also know exactly where they were and what they were doing. I learned about it from my daughter’s phone call early that dreadful day.  I noticed her voice sounded a bit shaky and I had no clue why she was asking if I was alright on what to me seemed like just another day at the office.  As the words settled in my ears I realized something really bad had happened and the rest of my day would be anything but normal.

Shortly after my daughter’s call computers on every desktop within our office were displaying graphic and disturbing images signifying the end of an era in America; an era where we felt safe and secure within our borders.  Phones were now ringing and I was quickly in the middle of implementing protocol for a situation we never anticipated. Our location had military assets on site and we had to assume we may be a potential target.  From this day forward America would never be the same and we would never be the same.  Terrorism would be a huge reality that would slowly invade every part of our lives as we waged an unending war an terror that would usher a new era in terrorism.

We lost one of our own that day and I would like to dedicate this post to Mr. Herb Homer, a generous and dedicated Defense Contract Management Agency employee who was on flight 175 on that horrific day.  He was among the many that tragically died on that day and some of you may know someone personally or through someone else that personifies the events of that day.  As Americans we lost our way of life, a life now lived in constant vigilance, a life forever changed by those events.   

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