Take Responsibility For Your Network Marketing Business Failure


If you are like most of the individuals that have been in search of the perfect network marketing business model and still not making any money online then you need to pay close attention.  It is a fact that the majority of folks in the network marketing field fall into the category of not making enough income to replace their day jobs.  There are many factors that play a role in these numbers but I firmly believe that “responsibility” is at the top of the list.  There is something very basic that keeps most of them from ever making their very first dollar or their very first sale. This very basic thing is searching for the perfect network marketing business in the wrong place.  I know by now you are perhaps a bit confused but stay with me and it will all be clear soon enough.  What I am alluding to is that our search for the perfect opportunity regardless of what opportunity we seek starts within us, it is internal not external, we need to own the responsibility for our success. We need to dig deep to see what is keeping us from being successful, from living our dream, from finally breaking through.


Here is what usually happens especially if you are just getting started and it really happens to all of us me included. We find an opportunity that appeals to us and we join it but we join with what I like to call cautious optimism. In other words the water looks refreshing, inviting, and we really want to swim but….and you know what happens next. We sort of just dip our toes in the water so to speak, we don’t jump in like we really want to swim to the other side. We put our trust in our toes to let us know  about  the water, to let us know how cold it is, to let us know how deep it is, to tell us what kind of dangers are below the surface, and perhaps even if the water is going to keep us from sinking.  The problem with this is that dipping our toes on the edge is not going to tell us any of that except maybe if there was a crocodile lurking really close by.  It will not tell us the temperature only the temperature there in the shallow shore, it will not tell us how deep it is further out, and it will not tell us how quickly we will sink if we don’t know how to swim yet.  All we will really accomplish is getting our feet wet.


The problem is that for the most part the above is a great analogy of how we search for the perfect network marketing or online business on line.  We join an opportunity and then we do as little as possible to find out about it and when the dollars don’t start pouring in we bail out and look for another opportunity.  We do not jump in with both feet and really commit to being successful and thus the cycle begins.  We blame the water for being too hot or too cold, for being too murky, or perhaps for being too deep. The real reason we don’t jump in is because we have not accepted the responsibility that it is us that have not learned to swim. We will never learn to swim by dipping our toes in the water.  I am not advocating that anyone just jump into the lake to learn how to swim and that is not what this is about.  What I am trying to convey to you is that there is a process for learning to swim and there is a process for being successful online with network marketing, affiliate marketing, or any online business you want to pursue.  The process is simple but you must first accept responsibility for your own success.  You must admit that perhaps you don’t know what it takes to be successful and you are not going to learn this unless you join an opportunity and commit to learning what is needed to be successful.  Next you need to commit to implementing what your are learning and in addition to that you need to take all the necessary actions.  Only you can do this, the opportunity has no more power to make you successful than the lake has to make you a swimmer.


Only after you quit blaming everthing besides yourself for your success, only after you accept the responsibility that success is only possible through your commitment, effort, and investment of time or money will you ever find the perfect opportunity in network marketing or whatever opportunity you are seeking.  If you are still dipping your toes on the edge you are really wasting your time and more than likely your money as you will never find the perfect opportunity online. The odds are you already walked away from it because you did not make any money, you did not like the comp plan, you did not like the network marketing opportunity, you did not like the network marketing company, you did not like….you get the point. I know because I have been where you are and I have gone through more opportunities than I could count all with the same approach of I will give it a try for a couple of weeks or for the money back guarantee period. I would then get a refund and move on to the next one because I was convinced it was the opportunity and never once gave it a second thought.


I know now this was a flawed approach on my part as I never gave the opportunity a chance, I was never really committed to making it work, I spent my time dipping my toes on the edge and wondering why I never learned to swim.  The major problem with this approach was that I went in believing that I was not going to be successful, believing the opportunity was not going to work for me, believing all these opportunities were some sort of scam, and believing that there was a network marketing opportunity out there that would actually work for me. What I learned was that the proper approach is to accept the responsibility that my success depends solely on my attitude and my desires, and I am the only one that can make my dreams come true.  It took a sobering look in the mirror which is never a pleasant experience but it is paramount if you ever expect to be successful in this business. It was not about trying an opportunity to see if it works, it was really about trying to make an opportunity work for me. Don’t get me wrong here, I am not advocating you play the blame game. Actually quite the opposite I am suggesting that you evaluate the situation with a business mind and stay focused on facts to identify the obstacle and then act accordingly and move forward.  Make it the first day of your success journey, the first day you start to live your dream, the first day you quit the quitting game.

If you feel like you are still struggling to find the perfect network marketing business opportunity or find some form of success with any other type of online business you need to dip more than your toes in the water, you need to jump in and get yourself wet.  I believe you have what it takes to be successful and that the opportunity you want to get involved in is not as important as you getting involved in it with all your heart and soul.  Go have that conversation with the man in the mirror so to speak and start to make your dreams a reality. Don’t have much money to spend I humbly suggest you give blogging a try as it is inexpensive to get started and all it takes is your time and effort to blog consistently.  It is not overnight but most likely you will see great results in 3 to six months if you really jump in with both feet.  Just go check out the video below for all the information you need to start right now.  Hope to see you on the inside.


To your success


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