Still Using Company Optin Pages For Your Network Marketing Opportunity??

Why you need to change your approach if you are using the company provided optin pages in your marketing efforts. If you are new to network marketing odds are this is the only thing you have been exposed to at this point. The odds are you are probably also not making many sells and probably not getting many optin’s to your auto responder. There is a reason for this and I plan on going into some detail so you have a clear understanding that will empower you to make some decisions in your business that will enable you to improve your odds of success in the network marketing arena.  Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with using the company provided materials, it is just that in some cases they may not be your best option.  I followed the same path when I was first getting started and it took me a long time to understand why some folks were making money marketing the same opportunity I was marketing and I was not seeing any success.  It was not until I joined my current opportunity and actually went through the training courses that I finally understood what I had been doing wrong in my marketing and why I was not making sales or growing a huge list of subscribers.


First of all you need to understand that it is sometimes possible to be successful with the provided resources but only in the short term.  Here is the main reason, the majority of the marketers out there marketing the opportunity you just joined are using the exact same materials you are using. In most cases they may even be using many of the same advertising sources. You may be wondering what the problem is at this point so I will try to put it in simple terms and use solo ads to make my point.  You find a solo ad provider to place your ad with a link to your company optin page.  They send an email to their list with your ad linking to that company optin page, chances are they have already sent various emails with links to the exact same page for other marketers marketing the same opportunity. Compound this with the fact that there are a ton of solo ad providers and that many of us are on more than one email list so it does not take long before everyone has been exposed to that particular company optin page.  This is what I would call the point of saturation and the point where that optin page is no longer effective.  So here is your take away, it is ok to use the company optin page if you are joining a brand new opportunity that has just launched or promoting a brand new affiliate product where the provided materials have not yet saturated the market.  My general rule of thumb is that company provided resources have a limited life span before they become ineffective so I would not use them more than a few months.


The second thing you need to find out about these company provided resources is where the prospects go when they optin, in most cases they go to the product owner.  This is not a problem if you’re not trying to build a list, but if you are trying to build a list and that would be the wise approach then this is a huge problem.  You are in effect building someone else’s list and not your own.  There are also some company materials where you have an option to incorporate your own auto responder which I would highly recommend.  Aweber and Get Response are two decent auto responders but there are many more out there you can choose from.  It is not difficult to get an auto responder set up and working and most auto responder providers have excellent support and training to get you going relatively quick and painlessly. You may also see anything in between for example some may have some follow up emails as a part of the opportunity to help you follow up and maybe even close the sale.  In some cases they will let you load them into your auto responder and in some cases prospects also go to the company and they do the follow up. In these cases you will need to provide your subscribers more value than the company is providing them if you expect to keep them. This is where the rubber meets the road and where you begin to establish yourself as a “Marketer”.


So, having said all that what are your options?  I would seriously consider learning how to do your own optin pages for any network marketing or affiliate marketing offer you may choose to promote. If you are new to optin pages their main function is to help you collect an email address so you can build a list of subscribers you can market to long term.  They are also known as “landing pages” or “squeeze pages”.  I want you to be an informed marketer so you can make better decisions and improve your chances at finding success in this extremely challenging arena.  There are many options out there when it comes to creating your very own optin pages. You can create your own using a Word Press plug in if you have Word Press or within your auto responder, you can hire someone to design one for you, or you can use “Lead Pages” or a similar company, I personally love Click Funnels and use it to create all my pages.  There are many options out there just remember Google is your best friend don’t be afraid to use it in your research.  This is all a part of doing your due diligence to find something that will work for you based on your situation.  If you are going to find success in this business you will need to stand out as a marketer and creating your own pages is a great place to start.  I wrote another post that will help you out if you need more information on this topic and you can Read It Here Now.


To Your Success


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