Setting Up Your New Blog 6 Part Series (Part 3, Publishing Basics)

You have done all the hard work at this point in setting up your new blog and should have you first post almost ready to go. This may seem like a tedious process at first but with consistency you will get better and better and faster and faster. You have to trust me on this as I did not believe it at first either.  I need to back up a little bit and include some things you need to do on the pretty up the blog side.  One I consider important is to pick a font that will be pleasing and discernible to your readers and along the same lines pick a background that has some contrast in comparison to the text. Nothing worse than having a great blog (your blog will be great) that no one can read.  The other is to hover over each button in the menu and learn what options are available to you and don’t worry you won’t break anything by hovering.

Publish or Perish Don’t Let Your New Blog Die On The Vine

It really doesn’t matter if you are publishing a blog as a hobby, using it to promote some type of network marketing or other opportunity, or just plan on selling advertising space on it, the results will be the same.  If you are not consistent on posting blogs you may attract readers, but you may not keep them for long.  It makes no sense to get involved in starting a new blog if you are not concerned if anyone visits it.  You need to blog daily if possible and your content needs to be relevant to the topic of your blog if you expect to survive online let alone make a profit.

It is imperative that you focus on content the people you are targeting are wanting to read. If you are blogging about golf you will need to stick to topics related to some facet of golfing. Blogging about anything else may attract a very wide range of readers but it will not likely result in a loyal readership.  This is paramount if you are doing this as an actual business.  If you fail to provide content related to what your target audience is looking for or if your content is not providing any value to that audience, odds are that audience will not return.  Focus on publishing content that will solve a problem for that audience and you will be amazed at your results.  Failure to do this consistently will more often than not lead to a failed blog and maybe impact your business in a bad way.

Cater To Your New Blog Readers By Providing A Road Map

It is important to provide some form of navigation on your new blog to help in guiding your readers to the content they may want to read. There are several things you can do to improve the manner in which people interface with your site.  I recommend that as a minimum you index each blog post by category as this will help individuals visiting your blog find similar content quickly. Most blogging platforms have a category section where you can select from default categories or add your own categories.  This is an easy thing to do and will not take much of your time as you can do it on each individual post before you publish it.

You can also install a search button on your blog to help visitors quickly search for like content on a certain subject. For example my blog is about topics related to online marketing and I cover anything from blogging to network marketing. However, if someone just needed to see my posts related to blogging they would just enter “blog” or “Blogging” in the search box and would get a list of my blogging posts.  Imagine if you went to a library in search of a certain book and you walked in and all you saw was shelves upon shelves of books with no labels in sight.  It would be a most unpleasant experience to say the least and you probably would not walk out of there with the book you went in there to find.  Not only that but the odds of you returning to that library are slim to none.  The same is true with a blog site.

Do This Before Touching Publish On Your New Blog Post

When you are writing your post make sure that you use that “save draft” button often to insure you do not lose any of your information.  There is nothing more frustrating than writing a long post only to be distracted before you finish and when you return the computer has timed you out and your post is gone. Starting over is not only frustrating but if you are like me you probably won’t be able to exactly duplicate what you have written.  I usually hit that little button quite often as I am easily distracted by the phone or my significant other.  Once you finish the writing portion of your post then you need to review, review, review. Focus on spelling and grammar mistakes as there is nothing more frustrating to your readers than bad grammar and spelling mistakes.  Not only is it distracting but your readers may misunderstand what you are attempting to convey. As a minimum use spell checker as most spell checkers include grammar checks.

Once you are happy with your content it is not a bad idea to get someone else to review it quickly before you actually publish.  It can be difficult for us to catch our own mistakes sometimes as our mind tends to focus on what we thought we wrote and not on what we actually wrote.  We are almost ready for the publish button and don’t worry too much is your finger is quick on the trigger as you can still edit after you publish and then you would use the “update” button. But first you want to make sure you added any links to relevant information within your blog or at an external site that you want your readers to know about.  Make sure your links are working and going to the right site.  You are now ready to hit that “publish” button and your post will be live.

That is about all there is to getting your first post on your new blog. However, if you intend to do this long term make sure that you publish on a regular basis and that your content is relevant to the audience you are trying to reach. Make it easy for your readers by providing some type of navigation on your site in the form or a search box or by categorizing your posts. Review your final product and make corrections required and incorporate any links you believe will help your readers before you publish.

My goal is your success





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