Setting Up Your New Blog 6 Part Series (Part 1)

Setting Up Your New Blog On A Word Press Platform

For many of you the idea of setting up a new blog on Word Press can seem intimidating to say the least.  This is especially true if you feel like you have a limited set of technical skills and the words domain name, hosting, and Word Press seem foreign to you. I could probably sugar coat this a bit and tell you that your fears are not warranted and the process is so simple a child could do it but I am not that type of person.  I want you to know exactly what you are getting into and although this is not what I would consider child’s play, I have absolute confidence that you will succeed if you really try.  I set up my very first blog on a Word Press platform the hard way searching Google for help along the way. While Google is a great resource I did not often find everything I needed at one place and it turned out to be a very long and lengthy process. The good news is that I finally succeeded and I learned enough along the way and today you will benefit somewhat from that knowledge.  We will go ahead and jump right into this and don’t worry you can expect to be up and running in a couple of days without too much work on your part.  The actual time will depend on how long the hosting company takes to get you set up once you do your part.

Picking a Domain Name For Your New BLog

When you are looking to set up a blog for the very first time and you want to use Word Press there are some very basic requirements you need to complete before you write your first post.  First of all you will want your very own domain (a domain is just another term for an address on the internet) which is how people will find you.  Your domain will be something like “” where “myblog” is whatever domain name you pick. To give you a real live example my domain name is “texastrafficreport” and it looks like this “”. There are many domain name providers where you can get your domain.  I personally use “Godaddy,com” but you may google domain providers and find a whole list of them. It will be a good idea to have a list of names ready ahead of time just incase your favorite is already taken.  Try to find something relevant to your blog topic or niche, something that is short and easy to remember, and try to get “.com” as an extension although you can go with “.net”, “.org” etc…  One other thing to keep in mind is that if your particular domain name is taken by one provider you will not be able to get it by trying a different provider. In other words once a domain name is taken it is gone until that person gives it up.

Hosting Your Domain For Your New Blog

The second thing you will need to set up your new blog on Word Press is hosting for your domain.  In really simple terms your domain name is the physical address and domain hosting is the actual building at that address.  In the digital word that building is actually a server  where all the files related to your actual blog will be stored. So when someone goes to your blog at “” or whatever domain name you chose they can find and actually read your blog. Don’t get to excited if this still does not make sense to you yet as we are not done here.  Just remember “domain name” (address) and “domain hosting” (storage container of some sort). Just as with domain name providers there are plenty of hosting companies out there, personally I use but that in no way means you have to.  Google hosting companies and find one you like just be sure to find out first if they have a Word Press platform included with the hosting.  There are also domain name providers that also provide hosting and this may be a great option for you as it will all be much simpler to set everything up. I am providing some videos to help you get all set up and they should get you through regardless of which providers you choose as the process is very similar.

Installing The Word Press Platform For Your New Blog

The last thing you will need is the Word Press platform for your new blog.  This is the place where all the blogging activity takes place.  There are certain things that you will eventually need to get familiar with when using Word Press as a blogging platform but you can learn those as you go and it should not impact your ability to start blogging.  These will be covered in future posts, for now you will just need to get set up and ready for your first post.  The reason I suggest that you focus on your actual blogging or content creation first is because blogging is a long term strategy and very few people if any will actually see your first post. It will be a while before you show up on search engines where people looking for your topic can actually find you.  The great part of this is you can focus on creating content daily which will be a great habit to adopt as it will greatly increase your research and writing skills. In the meantime you can take your time learning about how to make your blog pretty and effective. I actually put a few videos together to provide you some step by step instructions to get your domain name, get your hosting set up, and for installing your Word Press platform.  You can access them here for free

I hope this helps to get you set up with your new Word Press blog let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below. In part 2 I will be discussing the actual blogging part starting with picking your niche so stay tuned.

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