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Have you got the best tools and tips in your corner? Making money online doesn’t happen overnight, but it happens a lot faster with the right insights on your side! Check out these expert tips to increase sales, and get ready to watch your network marketing business grow!Money concept

Use Content Marketing

The key is not to call the decision maker.
The key is to have the decision maker call you. -Jeffrey Gitomer

A few years back, when you had a product or service to sell what did you do to get the word out? You tried press releases, television ads, paper ads, cold calls, banner ads, display hoardings and any other means you could afford. Business went to those who had the largest marketing budgets. Fast forward to present day, people are no longer paying attention to the thousands of marketing messages that they come across each and every single day. With internet usage on the rise and people becoming more aware, all of these traditional marketing approaches are weakening day-by-day. People who embrace relationship marketing, has already understood the power of content marketing. As compared to traditional methods of marketing, content marketing means getting found by prospective customers rather than trying to push your product or service to the uninterested masses. With content marketing, there are a host of benefits.

Pre-qualified leads
Lower marketing costs
Higher conversion rates
Higher customer satisfaction
Lower customer acquisition rates

You should embrace content marketing not just for the benefits. Although it takes time, it’s what works very well now, and probably the only marketing technique that will work in the future.

Use Upsells Effectively

If you are not using upsells, you are leaving money on the table. How many times have you ordered fries just because the sales guy asked you “would you like fries to go along with it?” or perhaps you were given a discount on something when you already made a purchase? Upsells are very effective to increase sales. Once they buy from you and are in a buying mood, it’s easier to close an additional and related sale. Many people who run online businesses give 100% commission to their affiliates on their product. Once people buy this product, they are presented with an additional high end product as an upsell. This is how many people make most of their money selling info products online.
– via Conversionchamp

Increase Conversions and Increase Sales

Want to boost your sales without having to boost your traffic? It’s all about getting your existing traffic to convert like crazy! Quality conversions are a powerful thing for a network marketer. Let’s take a look at how to start building better conversions now!

Write honest product reviews

You should always find better ways to promote your affiliate products to increase their sales. Without promotion, you can’t reach wider audience. And without reaching a large group of people, you can’t make more sales. It’s as simple as that. When it comes to promotion, one of the best ways to boost your affiliate sales is to write product reviews that are genuine. People should trust you with your words. Develop a unique writing tone to attract your audience. Don’t write product reviews just for the sake of increasing your affiliate sales. You should also mention the flaws of the products. It’s always better to promote the products you personally use. Here are few tips to write genuine product reviews:

Always focus on benefits rather than features while promoting products through reviews.

Tell your audience the need of using products, instead of pitching the features.

Craft your headlines carefully as 8 out of 10 people decide whether or not to read your reviews by just looking at the headlines.

Don’t use too many affiliate links while writing product reviews.

Use your links in prominent places and if possible use banner ads because they convert really well.

Always share both pros and cons of using the product reviews you promote.

This instantly builds trust and credibility.

Create a sales funnel through your email list

Email list is the number 1 key to increasing affiliate sales. YaroStarak, one of the best affiliate marketers says, 75% of all his affiliate income comes from his email list. That’s really huge!

Having an email list not only increases your traffic, leads and trust but it also increases your chances of making more affiliate sales. Building trust becomes easy by having an email list. By sending emails strategically to your subscribers you can dramatically increase your conversions.

Make sure to create a sales funnel for your websites to convert normal website visitors into sales. And that can be only possible if you are building an email list.

Here’s a few effective email list building strategies you can implement on your sites to create a sales funnel.

Offer a freebie to your subscribers.

Use your signup forms in prominent places to get more visibility.

Use landing pages as they are less distractive and give more attention to only one call to action i.e. “sign up now!”. – via Blogger Tips and Tricks

How do you plan to boost sales on your website? Do your network marketing efforts convert well so far?


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