Rags To Riches Stories In Network Marketing

Have you ever noticed how often these Rags to Riches stories are used in network marketing? It is actually a clever strategy that apparently works extremely well. If it is done properly it can strike a nerve and individuals that identify with the story will be moved to take action. The more people that resonate with the message in your story the more profit you are likely to make. The key in being successful with this strategy is to understand what makes for an effective story. First and foremost you will need to understand that there are certain elements that are necessary to make your story compelling. In basic terms like any other story there will be heroes and villains, naysayers and unlikely saviors, not to mention some form of crisis and a turning point. This is the point where “Eye of The Tiger” starts to play in the background. Last but not least there is always a moral to the story or a teachable moment. In most cases the story is broken down into 5 basic parts or sections as stated below.

Part 1: Setting The Stage

This is the part where you hear about the biggest problem this individual was facing for example “I was homeless and living in a van” or “real estate market crashed and I ended up broke”, or perhaps “my business went under and now I am thousands of dollars in debt”. It could be anything but it is usually a form of someone’s life taking a turn for the worse and finances are more than likely center stage. Whatever got this individual to this point is seldom as important as the challenge he is now facing.
This is the first clue we get that there is a change needed and it is really going to take some type of transformational change to get us out of this situation. The shock of the situation has set in and at this point we are clueless as to what we are going to do to get past this or who are we going to turn to for help. This is also the point where we reach for clarity and try to picture what it is we expect from our future in terms of health or prosperity. In the network marketing arena it is generally the latter.

Part 2. Zero In On Our Struggle And Challenges

We go on to discuss the struggle we went through that got us to this point in our lives. What was the major event that happened or the major crisis that is now being a catalyst motivating us to effect a positive change in our lives? What are the major challenges that we are facing in effecting that change. Where will we find the support we need to get past this crisis? What are the naysayers and well intentioned people in our lives telling us about the evils of network marketing and how we are not too smart to even consider it as a viable option?
What are the roadblocks we have to overcome in our quest especially in light of the limited resources our situation has left us in? This list goes on and on but the bottom line is that in most cases the obstacles will appear insurmountable. Just keep in mind that the darker the night the brighter the light will appear in the morning. In this case the more compelling the story will become.
Part3. Talk About Discovery During Our Journey

This the part where we examine our journey, our trip, the part between the start and finish line. We catalog the events that happened along our path from rags to riches in network marketing. How we went from a homeless person to a 5 or 6 figure income earner in whatever opportunity is being promoted by the story. It is the place where we learned about the solution and how it was introduced or how we stumbled upon it by some turn of fate.
We discuss all the lessons we may have learned and any myths that may have been shattered along the way. For example; “It is impossible to succeed in network marketing when you are broke and have limited resources” or you can fill in the blank with your own myth or belief. This is where you will see how all the objections were overcome and the protagonist comes out victorious in the end.

Part4. The Amazing Revelation

Here is the part that tells you what happened and how that was influenced by a proper mindset, a great mentor, and some system or strategy that completed the perfect storm. Everything just came together in perfect harmony, the floodgates were open and the crisis was now a thing of the past. This may be followed with some reference back to different parts of the story just to illustrate any key points and cement in the moral of the story. In most of these stories the moral is simple there was a crisis that was significant enough to effect change.
I recall listening to Les Brown in a motivational video where he was talking about a dog groaning on the front porch. He asked why the dog was groaning and was told it was because it was laying down on top of a protruding nail on the porch. He then asked so why doesn’t the dog move to another spot and the response he received was that it did not hurt badly enough. In other words the crisis will need to be severe enough to motivate us to do something about it. Next there was a super human effort put forth to prevail and emerge triumphant (Rocky Music in the background). The moral of the story is that if you work really hard to effect the change you want you will be successful in the end.

Part 5. The “Call To Action” (Specific to Stories Promoting Network Marketing)

This is used as a bridge from the story to the offer being promoted and is a method of setting the proper expectation for the next exposure. For example some form of gift may be offered that directly relates to the offer you are promoting. It may be a free PDF report or a video that pre-frames the opportunity. It generally will contain a sales message and a specific action you need to take to effect that particular change in your life or situation.
Finally a good “Call to Action” may include some type of engagement vehicle to get you to leave a comment for example; “What did you think?” or “Leave a comment if you have any questions”. Then comes the link they expect you to click on to take you to a landing page where they can collect your email address. Once you enter your email in most cases you are redirected to the actual sales page where you can join the opportunity being promoted.
A properly crafted story to promote some type of network marketing opportunity needs to include as a minimum these 5 areas. There are many more that can be included so you do not have to restrict yourself to these. It needs to be genuine, compelling and should contain a good doze of emotions and polarizing situations to improve the effectiveness. If you are not using stories as part of your marketing strategies you may be missing out on a valuable asset that can improve your conversions in this highly competitive arena.

To your success

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