Project Breakthrough; An Honest Review From a Graduate of The Program

Project Breakthrough; An Honest Review of the Program and its two founders Vick Strizheus and Jason McClain

I just graduated from Project Breakthrough as one of the first group to do so and I will be telling you my story, my experience, and even my results.  What Vick Strizheus and Jason McClain have created with this 14 day no cost program is almost beyond comprehension.  The success stories are still coming in and I can honestly say that those that followed the training to the “T” for the most part are all making commissions.  But I don’t want this review to be from a casual observer my intent is for a real down to earth review from an actual person, a newbie for all practical purposes, and someone who has actually completed the training and is making commissions for the first time.  Here is a copy of my graduation certificate just to make this official.

Graduation Certificate

“More than a just symbol this is a testimonial of my personal breakthrough”

I started the program the minute it was launched and graduated 14 days later. I am a stickler for details so to say the least I went out of my way to insure I did everything step by step as was outlined in the videos (you might say I just followed the bouncing ball no questions asked). It was difficult for the first two lessons and I am sure many people will not make it past day 2 as day one and day two focused on getting yourself ready mentally and clearly defining your goals.  We started with a vision then developed a blueprint and identified tools and strategies for success. We left with a clear understanding of how to build an effective online business including identification of our financial objective. Believe me if you can’t understand the importance of these two lessons you are jeopardizing your chances of success and there is no reason as the training is absolutely free and it is only 14 days. For me it is a decision I will never regret.

In the third lesson is where it begins to take shape and we acquired the tools and or systems we needed to put in place to run our business. If you are lucky enough to stick around Day 4 will be the place where you will get your first glimpse about the journey you are really on.  I had never heard of a campaign blueprint before, it made so much sense that I had my greatest “Aha” moment on the spot.  For me this was the point of no return and I never looked back after that lesson.  I was so confident that I could not fail that I did not even consider a plan “B”.  Project Breakthrough was going to be the program that would bring my breakthrough in the online space and it was going to happen in 14 days and there no doubt in my mind.

In lesson 5 we went deep into creating a landing page and the secrets to creating an effective landing page.  Our homework was to actually create our own version of that landing page and I was surprised as to how easy it was with the recommended tools (FYI; it does not matter what business you engage you will require the tools of the trade). In day 6 we learned about creating successful funnels and you guessed it we worked on our funnel for our homework. Day 7 we learned how to create a video to incorporate into our landing page; here is my video.

Days 8, 9, and 10 we connected the dots and began the process of adding our links to the funnels, incorporating auto-responders and testing everything to make sure it was working properly (basically a pre-flight checklist) and addressed some basic traffic strategies to start with. This was the proof of the pudding almost mind blowing to believe that by day 10 I had a viable campaign that I had developed with the guided instruction from Vick Strizheus and Jason McClain and a lot of effort on my part; albeit none of it would I classify as difficult.  That very night I started driving some traffic to my landing pages and within hours I had made my first commission. I have made commissions every single day since then and average about 15 sign-ups a day which is amazing especially for me.  I cannot speak highly enough about this program as it is changing my life day by day.

Just when I thought it could not get any better on day 11 we activated 27 passive income streams and on day 12 we learned how to properly advertise on Facebook and you guessed it; by morning I had my first ever Facebook campaign online and the conversions started to improve. How can this get any better I was asking myself and then here comes day 13 and a couple of more traffic strategies focusing on OPP (other people’s platforms) and OPL (other people’s lists) and how to leverage them successfully.  Finally day 14 the program wraps up and you get a certificate to let the world know you have graduated. To me it was the point all my efforts came to fruition and for the first time in my life I felt like I well on my way to success beyond my wildest expectations. The best part is yet to come as this is not where you get left to fend for yourself, quite the opposite the training will continue weekly with major focus on driving traffic from different sources.  I personally am taking Facebook advertising to the next level and already started training with an ultimate goal of becoming a specialist on Facebook advertising.

I am going to leave you with this challenge.  If you are still looking for a breakthrough in the online space and are ready to do what is takes, there is no better place to start than right here with Project Breakthrough  there is no cost and it is only 14 days. So come join Vick, Jason, myself, and the rest of our family  and in 14 short days you can share your own story and your own success with Project Breakthrough.

To your success







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