Overwhelmed With Your Network Marketing Opportunity???

If you have been involved in any type of make money online opportunities whether it was affiliate marketing or network marketing I am sure you at some point felt overwhelmed with the amount of information you had to digest before making your first sale.  I have been down that same road and sad to say way more times than I can remember.  It is a dilemma most of us face regularly as it is a necessary evil inherent in this business.  We complicate this process by not focusing on one opportunity long enough to see real results.  Every time  we decide that a particular opportunity or product is not viable for us any longer we effectively start all over again and repeat this vicious cycle.  I eventually learned that it was not the opportunity that was the problem in most cases it was me not investing the proper amount of time required for results to start coming in.


It does not matter what opportunity you join in network marketing or what product you choose to promote as an affiliate if you do not embrace the learning curve and commit to becoming successful you will be wasting your time.  You cannot be successful by just trying an opportunity as it simply does not work that way.  If you are still looking for a magic button you are better off buying a lottery ticket as there is no such thing.  I have learned some hard lessons not to mention expensive ones while I was going from one opportunity to the next.  One thing I was good at was participating in any training provided and getting everything set up within the opportunity. My issues started when it came to marketing the opportunity and making sales.


I learned traffic can be a tricky creature that can cost you a lot of money if you do not know what you are doing.  I am of course referring to paid traffic at this point in the form of solo advertising, banner ads, classified ads, Google, Facebook, etc… the list goes on.  It can drain your resources quickly and not produce one single sale.  I know this from experience which is probably not the best way to learn something although these lessons are certainly engraved in my mind forever.  The down side was that I learned nothing about how to find the right type of traffic or how to use a more effective marketing strategy, all I learned was that what I was doing was not working.  It would be years and various network marketing opportunities later before I figured out what I was actually doing wrong.  You probably should start to pay attention at this point.


I finally figured out that if I wanted to be like the people that were being successful doing what I was trying to do I would need to seek out the best among them and learn what they were doing to be successful.  In other words I would need to find a good mentor to model, a personal coach of sorts. This did not mean that I would pay huge sums of money to hire a coach as there are more ways far less expensive to learn their strategies.  I started investing my time in attending free webinars and looking for opportunities that included serious training on the subjects of marketing and traffic generation.  I sought these types of network marketing opportunities based mainly on the leaders within those opportunities and I bought any products they were selling that I felt would help me accomplish my goals making money in network marketing.


The training has been eye opening to say the least and I now know that there were many things I was doing wrong but probably the biggest thing was resorting to the use of canned marketing resources provided within the network marketing opportunity. I now know that company landing pages are used by the majority of marketers especially new marketers like me at the time and the result is that they saturate the market place quickly and optin rates suffer. Bottom line is after a while no one makes it to the sales page.  I have since started creating my own landing pages which are unique and have much better optin and conversion rates.  I know it is difficult to do this when you are just starting and it is so much more convenient to use what is provided but you will be doing yourself a disservice.  If you do not learn anything else to help your business learn how to do your own landing pages.


You are probably wondering what the answer is to keep from being overwhelmed with your network marketing business so I will jump to that next.  First and foremost you need to commit to one and only one opportunity. Pick one that has well known leaders that are sharing their knowledge with some form of training that will help you provided as part of the opportunity.  I prefer ones that also have some type of ongoing webinars that are free and regular.  Don’t be put off by any sales pitches during the webinars as you do not need to buy to attend the webinar in most cases.  These guys do need to sell stuff to stay in business and if it is something that will help you and you can afford it go ahead and purchase it.  Secondly, you need to embrace the learning curve and understand that success is not going to happen right away and it will take a lot of commitment and effort on your part as does any other type of business.  Last but not least remember that training is great but it only works if you implement it in a timely manner.  This was my biggest mistake as I focused too much on learning everything I could but did not implement what I was learning it was like enrolling in college for life never intending to apply the knowledge I was acquiring.  If you need some ideas regarding some great opportunities leave me a comment below and I will share the ones I am currently working full time.


To your success



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