Outcome Based Goals For 2017 Sample

2017 Outcome Based Goals

  1. Business Goals
    1. Income Goals and Conditions: I will be earning $25k/month from my online business by 31 December 2015 working 6 hours per day Monday thru Friday.
    2. What is the reason for my income goals: I want to be able to help my family, pay off all my bills, support the community especially the wounded warriors and travel where I want and when I want.
    3. What events will I track to insure I am on track: I will judge my progress via deposits to my e-wallet accounts and my personal bank account?
    4. How will I reward my success: When my goals are achieved I plan on buying a brand new GMC Acadia Denali and taking my family to Las Vegas on vacation?
    5. Describe the moment you attain your goals with explicit details: Today is December 31 2015 and I just woke up and headed over to the coffee machine to make my coffee. While I am waiting for my coffee to brew I am looking at my business back office and just realized I made $27,566 dollars this month and have exceeded my goal. I can hardly believe my eyes or how easy it seems now I know I can accomplish anything and will have some much more challenging goals for the New Year.

You would of course do this for all your goals keep in mind that you do not want to over burden yourself by working on all your goals at once.  Goals that are closely related may be worked at the same time for example your network marketing goals and your self development goals could go hand in hand.

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