Not Getting Optin’s For Network Marketing Offers???

“It May Not Be What You Think; Here Is How You Can Fix This!”


I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why not many prospects opted in to my lead capture page also known as a Landing Page. I was using a paid high quality source and paying for solo ads with recommended sources but it did not seem to make much of a difference in my results. To say the least I was stumped and it was hitting me in the pocket book. Even when I did get optin’s most never opened any of the emails sent via my auto responder. Bottom line my return on investment was non-existent and there is no way one can survive in this business when there is no profit.


“My Strategies Were Ineffective In Network Marketing”


For obvious reasons I had no choice but to change my traffic strategies as I could no longer afford paid advertising. I knew free advertising was more time consuming and may even be less effective so I needed something that would be more reliable in the long term. I had joined this opportunity and learned that blogging could be a great traffic generating strategy for targeted organic (free) traffic so I was immediately interested. The downside is that it takes a while to establish an online presence and start generating traffic and at the time I was totally unaware that I did not have a traffic problem. What I actually had was a marketing problem.


I was using canned materials to market the opportunity and while they an easy and quick method to start right away, they are in most cases highly ineffective. The upside was that as a part of this opportunity I have been exposed to some eye opening tactics that have made a huge difference in my optin rates as well as my email open rates. I would love nothing more than to save you all the time, aggravation and money I spent using the wrong strategy. That is the main reason I am sharing my insights on this whole process from understanding landing/capture pages to strategies you can implement immediately to get higher optin rates and improve your email open rates.


“The Biggest Mistake I Made In Marketing My Opportunity”


I was new to network marketing at the time and rather naive about the process. I resorted to using the canned products provided for me in the resource section to market the opportunity. If you are doing that now in your business I highly recommend you continue reading because you are will be getting a real education. Here is a typical scenario for any opportunity I was marketing: I would go to the resource section within the opportunity and select from the available landing/capture pages they had available, select any banners if applicable for banner advertising then I would send traffic to the lead/capture page via paid traffic, paid advertisements, or paid solo ads. I never realized that this was a huge mistake.


Let me break it down for you in case you do not understand why this can be a huge detriment to your success. First of all the majority of marketers are using the very same lead/capture pages you are using maybe even advertising in the same places you are advertising. Here is what is going on in the background; the majority of prospects have already been exposed to these exact same pages and maybe dozens of times so they no long bother to enter their email and click through to the sales page. Consider this for a minute the major/successful marketers out there have already pitched this offer to their lists and most of us are on many different lists especially if we have been doing this for a while. It does not take long for these canned or out of the box lead/capture pages to saturate the market to a point where they are no longer effective. Are you getting this yet, is it starting to make sense?


The next problem is that we send them from that out of the box lead/capture page directly to a sales page. I did not know there was any other way to market these opportunities at the time. But as I said earlier what I have been exposed to lately has really opened my eyes. Imagine this when it comes to why people may not open your emails. They land on your lead/capture page from one of your advertising sources and enter their email address to receive whatever it is you are going to send them in return for their email. As soon as they enter their email they are directed to a sales page.


Here is the problem with this picture! So far they have been exposed to someone or something on your lead/capture page that is not “you”, not your name and/or not your picture. Next they get directed to a sales page where someone else that is not “you” is giving them a sales pitch. Here is the kicker the next thing that happens is they get an email in their inbox from you guessed it “you”. They really have no clue who you are at this point and they will in all probability delete your email or worse mark it as spam. I hope you can grasp this concept as it can sure have a disastrous effect on your bottom line.



I now know the answer and how to turn the tables on this broken process. If you are still reading then you too are going to know what to do going forward. You need to design your own landing page and instead of sending them to an out of the box sales page you need to direct them to a thank you page and then to the sales page. Let me paint this picture for you. When you design your own landing page it will be unique and odds are no one has seen it yet. This alone will in all probability increase your optin rate.


The next step is when they enter their email you send them to a thank-you page where you have a short video that introduces you and provides your contact information especially your email address. You simply create a video where you tell them that their free video or report is on the way to the email they entered in the previous page and it will be coming from your email and mention your email several times and maybe even include it as text next to the video. You may have to invest some money to get these two pages designed for you but trust me they will be worth their weight in gold.


Here is an example of one of my landing/lead capture page that directs prospects to a thank-you page so you can see what I mean In this example. Make sure you optin so you can see the thank-you page as this will help you to better understand this concept and why it works. If you do not wish to be on my mailing list you can always unsubscribe later, the important part is that you understand this process and the power behind it. You may also note that I do not send the prospect to a landing page at this point. There is a link to the sales page in the free report and I will also include a link to the sales page later in my email follow-up. This allows me to start the bonding process with my list and pre-frame them before actually selling them anything. This could very easily take your business to the next level if you can learn and apply this in your business. If you have not opted in to my free Ebook “1000 subscribers in 30 days you can do that below, the book is great and you will be first to read my new blog posts. In my next post I will continue this discussion focusing on how to go about getting your prospects to open your emails after you get them on your list. You can go read it here now “Email Marketing Tutorial”.
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