Network Marketing; The Problem With Sponsors

How many times have you joined a network marketing or other online marketing opportunity and soon found out that your sponsor is not any better off than you are or perhaps your sponsor for whatever reason is no longer involved in the opportunity.  This can be a huge setback if you give in to the emotions that start setting in almost immediately.  First you panic and wonder how you are ever gong to be successful without the appropriate guidance. Next you may succumb to the anger and rant about it filling the comment section with aimless negativity. Once you expend all this energy in your exhaustion you realize that you just wasted your time and no one is listening.  At this juncture you have a choice to make.  You can quit and find another network marketing opportunity and repeat this cycle until you give up altogether or you can take the bull by the horns and face the reality that you are responsible for your own success and not your environment.

No one is going to tell you that accepting responsibility for your success is going to be easy or that you can be successful without some help along the way.  What is more important to know is what are your options.  I submit to you that if you break it down a sponsor is basically someone that could serve as a mentor to your success problem being is many don’t realize that their success hinges on yours.  Therefore for selfish reasons their focus is misdirected on getting new members instead of developing the ones they have.  A good  mentor understands that your success is an asset that needs to be developed for long term value and not cashed in the short term for face value.  To put it in simple terms it would be foolish to sell someone a low value product and then ignore them when you have the potential of selling them products over and over again if you understand the function of being a good mentor.  Therefore I urge you to give this some serious thought next time you join a network marketing opportunity and do your best to join under a mentor and not just a sponsor.

There are many ways of finding mentors out there and one of the best is probably to pay attention to your emails.  If you have been involved in network marketing for any time at all I am sure you are on a plethora of mailing lists by now.  Who are the individuals that stand out in the “providing value” department.  The majority of the emails you get from being on mailing lists are plain and simple just solicitations “Buy This Product” and be rich in the morning, sound familiar?? This is not who you are looking for, instead find the emails that provide you consistent value for example “Here is a neat trick I use in my business that I feel may help yours try it for free here”.  Just genuine value with no strings attached, this is what you should be looking for in a mentor. Here is a tip for you just unsubscribe from any email list that focuses on promotions and stay subscribed only to ones that provide you value on a consistent basis.  This will do two things for you one is the obvious of a manageable inbox and the other is you narrow down your search for a good mentor to adopt.

I learned this believe it or not the hard way when I had more emails than I could review in a day.  This can get overwhelming quickly and it will distract you from focusing on the important aspects of your network marketing business or other internet marketing opportunity.  I slowly and meticulously went through emails and started unsubscribing until I had only a few lists that I felt provided me enough value to keep as resources that would serve to keep me up to date in network marketing and other online business ventures.  From this list I ended up actually adopting a mentor and my whole business perspective has changed.  I went from a hobbyist to a business man, from a casual blogger to a daily blogger, from waiting for results to creating them, and from dreaming to making my dreams come true. I am currently involved in a network marketing opportunity where my sponsor for whatever reason is no longer there and basically left me an orphan.  Here is the irony instead of me being adopted I adopted someone; a mentor.

Here is what I hope you walk away with today. First and foremost is to understand that you are personally responsible for your success. That being said, you do not have to go at it alone so if you do not have a good mentor I highly recommend you find one even if they are not involved with your particular network marketing opportunity.  I found my adopted mentor when I was looking for a traffic strategy to incorporate into my business so I signed up to High Traffic Academy.  Relax, it is not even for sale currently I only mentioned  it to illustrate the point that a mentor does not have to belong to your opportunity to have an impact on your business.  The underlying message I want to leave you with is to insure your success especially within the network marketing community be a mentor and not just a sponsor. For some additional information on being a great sponsor and serving your team click on the link below and get the free PDF.

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