Network Marketing Failures; A Baseball Analogy

What is it about failures that gives them a negative connotation? Perhaps it is the way you feel in that moment, perhaps it is the perception that you are the failure, or maybe it is that blow to your confidence you fear you will not get up from.  Whatever it is, what you should understand is that failure is not permanent unless you quit.  Failure is only a by product of trying regardless of the endeavor you are trying to accomplish you will get there if you keep getting up.  Think about sports for just minute, let’s take baseball and consider for just a second the batting average.

This is derived by dividing the number of hits by the number of times at bat. So if a player bats 10 times and gets 3 hits his average would be .300 and this is actually considered good by most standards. What does it mean in terms of failure is the statistic I want you to think about for a minute.  It means that 7 times out of 10 that player failed at getting a hit.  Does this make him a failure; absolutely not! This applies to network marketing or any other business exactly the same way.  There will be many things you try that will not provide the results you want 100% of the time, and odds are better of getting the results you want if you do not QUIT!!!

But how do you walk away from failed attempts in your life, in your network marketing business, or in your relationship.  The answer is easy if you gave it everthing you had, if you put forth the effort, and if you invested the time. You walk away with your head held high and keep on trying. Let’s turn to baseball one more time and consider the World Series where the best two teams for that particular season are pitted against each other. It is a forgone conclusion that there will only be one champion when the dust settles. The game however does not always end in the ninth inning does it?

Sometimes both teams come to play and they play hard and they leave everything at the park. It can go on for countless more innings until there one team is victorious. Yes only one champion but in my mind two teams walk away winners. One for obvious reasons as the champions but the other because they can walk away with their heads up high. They took on the best team in the world and forced them into extra innings, they never gave up, and they never believed they could not emerge victorious.  They will not go back turn in their uniforms and find a different passion to pursue. They will refocus, adjust their strategy and come back next year more confident.

What can we learn from this in network marketing. What it means may be different for each of us but I can narrow it down to 2 things. First and foremost it means that we should come to play, we should expect that there will be times when extra innings are required, and there will be times when we will not be successful.  However, if we can walk away with our head held high knowing we really put in the effort failure will be the farthest thing from our minds. It doesn’t really matter what we are talking about if we are not committed 100% to success odds are your batting average will suffer the consequences.

Try only being committed to your partner 10% of the time, do you thing your relationship will work? How about if you only commit 10% of your time to your business, do you think you will succeed? If this is the case then I submit to you that the problem is not failure the real problem is you are not convinced you can succeed and therefore you do not even try. In network marketing joining an opportunity and taking a few wild swings probably would not be considered a try just like in baseball a walk is not considered a “time at bat”.  You really have to make the effort for it to count, you really have to be committed 100%, and quitting should not be in your vocabulary if you want to be successful. Having said that pushing the “try” button will not get you success automatically or overnight but pushing the “quit” button will result in failure immediately.

Here is the key; success comes from failure and failure comes from trying. Victory is won or lost on the field not in the bleachers or as Les Brown put it, “No one gets out of the game of life alive. You either die in the bleachers, or on the field. So, you might as well play out on the field, and have a good time.” One of my good friends who happens to be in the life insurance business made a good point about life one day in casual conversation. He said “life; you can’t take it with you” but I did not immediately realize the profoundness of his statement. The statement resonated with me and it made me realize that I needed to start living mine, I needed to quit worrying about failure and focus on living my dreams.

My goal is your success


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