Lessons I Learned From The Military

Want to get your act together? The military may be the best place for you.


  1. First lesson I learned was that orders were meant to be followed. I can not count the times I heard the phrase “yours is not to reason why, but to do or die”! There was a lot of truth to this especially in battlefield scenarios where not following orders could result in your death or a fellow soldiers death. This may seem a bit excessive for most other real world situations, but it is important to note that we do not always know why an order is given and absent that knowledge it may be wise to follow it. Especially when somebody hollers duck!
  2. Second lesson is discipline and I can not over emphasize the importance of this one. A disciplined individual can be a valuable part of any organization. The military through its rigid structure tends to instill discipline in soldiers early in the process and it becomes an integral part of you wherever you go after that. I firmly believe it made all the difference in my life.
  3. Loyalty is the third lesson and is equally important as the two previous ones. In the military loyalty is expected and it usually begins with loyalty to your branch of service, to your command, to your unit, and even to the soldier next to you in the fox hole. Loyalty is important in the military because there are going to be situations where people must depend on us and we need to be there unconditionally. This is another life characteristic that can be most valuable in any organization.
If you are building a team these would probably be the characteristics you would look for in your team members. You would want loyal, self disciplined people who could follow orders. I believe the Team Building Fomula can help you find such a team.
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