Landing Pages: The Importance Of Defining Your Objectives!

 The Importance Of Defining Your Objective When Creating Landing Pages.

When it comes to creating a landing page you need to focus on the “1” Thing  that is going to give you the biggest bang for your buck.  I am not advocating that you should throw caution to the wind when it comes to the other elements that put together comprise a landing page.  However; if you get this first part wrong or fail to consider it as you are putting together your page your conversions will certainly be impacted in an adverse manner.  The “1” Thing to which I am alluding to when creating a landing page is “Defining your objective”.  By this I mean is have a clear specific goal in mind that you want to accomplish.

Do not consider driving traffic to any offer without first collecting and email address as it is imperative that you build a list if you expect to succeed in the online space. I work in real estate and believe me my list of clients has always served me well.  I cannot think of one single business where this would not be the case, can you? One way you can accomplish this objective is through a landing page with an optin form where individuals that visit your landing page can subscribe.  This is not the only objective for a landing page as it can also be used to convert a visitor into a sale; provide information or gather information from a visitor, data capture, registration, invitation, or brand awareness to name a few.  The thing to remember here is that you will need to really define what your objective is for a specific landing page.

Here are a few articles I found that I feel will help you understand the importance of clearly defining your objective when creating a landing page.  From getting a short tutorial on conversions, to actual examples and tips on creating successful landing pages. Do take note that all begin with defining your objective for the landing page…. I recommend you take advantage of these examples to get a better understanding of landing pages and what it takes to build an effective one.

Landing Page Optimization ​| Landing Page Conversion Course

Define your goals and success metrics; Build your first landing page; Drive traffic to yourpage … A KPI is a metric (numbers) that’s connected to your objectivesen building your landing page, make sure every element of the page is working towards your goal. Remember to read your copy and media descriptions out loud to uncover areas for more…

The Perfect Landing Page. Landing page examples and 12 tips…/landingpage…/perfect-landingpage/

Landing page examples and best practice advice Discussion of web design in … Free templates to structure your strategy; Fast start guides covering best practices … My definition is that landing pages is: … Effective landing pages are those that meet their objectives, so let’s start with typical objectives. read more…

Best Practices on Creating a Successful Landing Page Optimization…/creating-a-strategic-landingpage-optimization-plan

Creating a Strategic Landing Page Optimization Plan … Define Your Objective Every successful LPO plan starts with measurable objectives. read more…

I sincerely hope you found this information as useful as I did and walk away with a better understanding of landing pages and why it is paramount to clearly define your objective before you create the first line of text, insert the first graphic, or select a particular template.  Feel free to share this information with your subscribers or friends and don’t forget to leave your comments if you found the information useful and would like to see more articles on creating successful landing pages.

If you are an over achiever and want to really go deep into this feel free to learn more about the “# 1” Thing here.

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