Landing Pages; 4 Things You Can Do To Increase Conversions.

4 Things you can do to increase conversions of your landing pages.

Creating landing pages depending on what platform/program you are using can be fun and in some cases even simple. The problem comes when we ignore the main purpose of the landing pages; remember “The One Thing“, and focus more on the aesthetics of the page. Don’t get me wrong and walk away thinking that is not important because it is important.  Just don’t spend all your time trying every font or every color; keep it simple.  What I am going to discuss in this post has more with how your page will convert base on the following factors:

  • What is the motivation of the user?
  • What incentive is there for them to take action?
  • Have you built in friction elements to the process?
  • Have you taken into consideration the users anxiety in entering information?

I am going to start with motivation of the user just don’t take that to mean it is the most important factor as I am not addressing these according to matter of importance nor am I assigning any hierarchy of importance.  So what do you think I mean by how motivated is the user when they get to your page?  This will depend on how well you pre-framed them before they arrived at your landing page.  I will give you one example; if you are sending your link to the landing page in an email then your landing page should be congruent with the message in the email (almost word for word), anything less than this and the user will lose not only motivation but maybe even trust in you.  You always have to control the message and if you are buying clicks make sure the seller will allow you to submit your email and not just a link.  The message they send is in many cases generic (for example “work from home filling out surveys”) and you provide your link to some affiliate product.  Needless to say that prospect is going to be not only confused but will not have any motivation to click on your offer.  You need to insure your message is congruent between your email, ad,…etc. that brings your prospect to your landing page. Your message should be congruent with the sales page as well.

The next factor you need to concern your self with is what kind of incentives will increase your odds of a prospect actually entering their name and email and seeing your sales page.  In most cases a good lead magnet will work just fine (a lead magnet is something the prospect will get for entering their information) such as a free report, free EBook, a free video, webinar …etc. You may also want to consider some type of time based bonus where you incorporate a count down timer on the landing page.  Remember what is “The One Thing” you want your landing page to accomplish.  In most cases you want them to join your mailing list or click through to your sales page.

You are probably wondering what in the world a friction element is and why it is important.  A friction element is any element that makes the process cumbersome or difficult to accomplish.  Some examples of friction processes may be having a double optin, requiring too much information on your optin form, having to watch a video that is too long or too boring, etc…  Your landing page should be fast loading, and really all you need is an email but you can also ask for a name. You should not have too much text or too many options  as this only confuses the prospect and a confused mind will not buy and may not even click through. The bottom line keep it simple, put yourself in your prospects shoes and look at your page from their perspective.

Last but not least you need to make sure your landing page does not lead to anxiety for your prospect. I am talking about anxiety when it comes to entering any personal information on your form. The big thing to consider here is a privacy policy of some sort.  Visitors in some cases need to feel reassured that you are protecting their information.  In some cases anxiety may be triggered when you ask for a phone number, age, gender…etc.

Remember if you want to increase your conversions it is paramount that you consider these four factors when creating your landing pages.  Keep your designs simple but appealing and never forget “The One Thing”  If you want additional information or feel like you want to become a specialist in designing landing pages you should consider a more details course such as this advanced landing page secrets.


If you missed the rest of my posts on creating effective landing pages you can find them all on my blog at Texas Traffic Report  Feel free to share via social media or comment on the bottom.

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