Knowlege And Awareness Plus Action Leads To Success In Online Marketing

“Through wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; By knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant  riches.  A wise man is strong, yes, a man of knowledge increases strength.” (Proverbs 24)

Today I just want to reflect a bit on something I just heard the other day that just hit home.  It is probably something that I have know subconsciously and perhaps even applied subconsciously in the past and even now.  I just had no idea where it had come from.  It was explained in terms of how this very important concept plays a role in our success online.  I am not sure what type of business you may be engaged in and it really does not matter as this applies equally for network marketing, affiliate marketing, information marketing, or any other type of entrepreneur endeavor you may be engaged in.  The concept is actually simple and boils down to just three basic principles.


First and foremost it is important that you know your “source” and for me it is a greater power and since this is really not about religion I will just leave it at that.  It is not germane to the discussion but just know it is important to know what or who gives you inspiration, motivation, and drive to succeed.  This is the foundation you need to build from and it is important in that respect.  A strong foundation is integral to your long term success and growth.  Know that a house built on a weak foundation will not long stand. Also know that the foundation comes before anything else and proceeding without one may not be a wise option.


The next principal is a bit more concrete and probably easier to grasp. “That is that is knowledge”. This is where most affiliate marketers, network marketers, and info marketers tend to struggle.  This is certainly true for any new aspiring online entrepreneurs out there.  I know because I have been there and I consider myself a student of the game at this point.  I understood early on that in order to find success online I needed a lot of money that I could afford to lose while I learned the ropes. There was another and more reasonable option and that was to invest in training that would help me get off on the right foot so to speak.  The problem is that there is an abundance of information out there on how to succeed online and finding up-date training that will actually teach you the right approach to enter this challenging field.  Just to be clear you will not succeed without some type of training or paying huge sums of money for private coaching or mentoring period.

Training is the absolute best investment you can make if you want to set yourself up with a long term business online.  I personally have invested thousands on training courses and found some I considered extremely valuable and well worth the investment.  I am for all practical purposes in a continuous learning cycle as I am adamant about the importance of training in this competitive online marketing arena. Check out this post to learn about the Role of Education in Network Marketing.  Yet as important as education is to your career; The best education in the world will not help you succeed if you do noting to implement what you are learning.


This is the final part of the equation and is right up there with training.  If you do not invest any time in implementing the strategies you are learning to improve your business then you may as well not invest in the training.  You do not start a traditional business and expect to make a go of it without learning something about running a business and investing a significant amount of time actually running the business.  News flash: IT IS NO DIFFERENT ONLINE.  If the training investment is keeping you from learning some awesome strategies to help you take your business to the next level then look into some free training, there are some good training videos out there.  Keep in mind that you will need to implement what you learn and as you improve your business you may have more resources to invest in other training courses.  For most of us in this market place the best place to start is with some traffic and conversion strategy training.  It will have the most important impact in the long run.  Here is a free great up-to-date 4 part video training series if you are interested.

My goal is your success


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