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Know what content they are looking for

So much of success online comes down to understanding who your market is. By going deep into market research and truly understanding your ideal customer, you gain insight into what their life looks like, what they need, and how best to reach them.

Unless you are happy to be one of the endless suppliers of cat videos and memes, chances are people are only going to come onto your site if you have what they are looking for. In most cases, this would be one of two very simple things:

  1. You are answering their question
  2. You have an insight into something they are interested in

For many industries, the internet is a saturated market. Trying to get started when you already feel like you are behind the 8-ball can be daunting, so it is important to do your due diligence on the current landscape and find the gaps that you believe you can fill with valuable content and insight.

TIP: This sounds simple, but it’s so important to immerse yourself in the topic and be passionate about it! If this topic is something important to you, something that you are already a part of, then you can ask yourself one simple question, what more would I want to know?

In answering this question, you are identifying the gap that is available to you, and probably echoing a thought had by many users or fans.  Within that answer is the theme or angle that you can use to engage with your audience and differentiate yourself from the rest of the current landscape.

– via Jeffbullas’s Blog

Strategies To Get Your Customer’s Attention

Ready to start hearing from your customers? Then you need to give them something worth talking about! Content really is king online, and tapping into reliable, proven content strategies can give you a leg up on reaching and connecting with your ideal audience.

1.  First things first¦ put a cohesive Strategy  before your content. Without a cohesive strategy, your content marketing will fall flat and have only a sporadic chance of success. Rather, think through your overall marketing goals and objectives and build your strategy from there. Your content will fall into place as you align this with your overall business goals.

2.  Tell a story. Not just any story… that’s what everyone else is doing. Tell a really amazing story that captures the attention of your audience like no other. Each and every time. Yes¦ each and every time.

3.  Content marketing isn’t about the hard sell¦ at least not the majority of the time. Rather, your content should be focused on solving a problem your audience faces or providing them with information that is otherwise valuable or entertaining.

4.  Images speak volumes. Include photos, graphics and other visual elements whenever possible. Did you know that sharing images on Twitter increases re-tweets by 150%? A picture is worth a thousand words¦ or in this case, 140 characters. Change up your standard content and share an image that tells your story instead.

5.  Headlines are critical, get them right. As marketing pioneer David Ogilvy said: On average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy.  Make sure you follow best practices when writing headlines and always test multiple options.

6.  Be human. Be emotional. Be likable. Be conversational. Your content should reflect the personality of your business. The result? People will relate to you.

7.  Stats, facts and the occasional name dropping can’t hurt. Back up your story with real life examples, statistics and numbers, or direct quotes from relevant and notable individuals in your industry. Just don’t overdo it.

8.  Curate meaningful and relative content. You don’t have to create everything organically. There is a lot of content out there¦ and some of it is actually really good. Just be sure that the content you curate aligns with your business, your values and your brand personality.

9.  Promote your content on your social channels¦ but customize and position that content based on the channel and audience. Different social platforms require different approaches. Don’t fall into the trap of one size fits all. You’ll sound repetitive and people won’t respect you.
– via LinkedIn Pulse

Have you discovered any great ways to find and connect with your audience? What has created the highest rate of engagement?

My “Go-To” resource list I use regularly.

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