If You Are Going to Dream; Dream Big

Dreaming is a great way of brainstorming your future whether it be wealth or success you are seeking. Therefore, it only makes sense that you  go big time.  Get yourself out of the comfort zone and challenge yourself. Instead of focusing on the brightest stars focus on the ones you can not yet see.  Test the limits of your beliefs, you may not yet see them but deep inside you know they are there.  Faith it is said does not make things necesarrily easy, just possible. Put all the fears behind you and just dream big.

This is especially true if you are in business and are establishing your business goals.  Your first goal should not be to make a sale, rather to make a profit.  Most of us make the mistake of setting our goals based on our idea of what we can accomplish as opposed to what may actually be possitble.  We are blinded by that brightest star within easy reach and we doom ourselves to a mediocre success if any at all.  How do we go about changing our perception about what we are capable of accomplishing?  Books have been written on this topic and the world has no shortage of motivational speakers preaching basically the same thing.  Yet we miss the big message in their sermons, truth be known the problem lies within us.  When you finally see that it is you that needs to change, that’s when you first see a small glimpse of the light from those distant stars and your faith is reinforced.

We seem to forget that we are the foundation of our business and we need a solid foundation to sustain our growth.  How we accomplish that is through self development.  Read, read, read, and surround yourself with people doing what you are trying to accomplish.  Anyone can obtain success, the problem is usually the belief that they cannot.  The problem when we dream is we see the finished product and not the work that went into the foundation, we tend to totally ignore that part as it is not visible above the ground.  We spend all our time learning sets of skills that we feel will make us successful, albeit necessary; they will not insure our success if we do not believe we can accomplish it.  Dream your heart out, dream big, just don’t forget when you wake up start your improvement of self.


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