How Vick Strizheus Has Impacted My Life

What if it really had nothing to do with the online marketing opportunity you had selected?? What if there was a reason for failure you never considered? Marketing online is like any other business; it is going to take work on your part and the amount of effort you put in is directly proportional to your level of success.


Like most individuals that get involved with online marketing or other online business opportunities I spent several years jumping from one opportunity to another more times than I can count. Just like most folks learning from their mistakes I blamed the product or opportunity for my failure.

Most times I quit sometimes before I even worked my way through all the training dropping programs like hot potatoes. I did not give up on my dream of making substantial money working part time online though so I just kept jumping on the next shiny object thinking this will be the one. That was an expensive time wasting cycle I thought I would never break.

It was my perseverance that finally put me in front of the right opportunity and Vick Strizheus a person I adopted as my virtual personal mentor. I learned from him right from the get go that the problem was not in the opportunity it was in my approach. What he said regarding the matter was that if others were having success logic would dictate that the opportunity was not the problem. This really resonated with me and the soul searching began.

I started taking Vick’s advice regarding his approach to online marketing opportunities. I quickly learned what I had been doing wrong in the manner of assessing the potential of any opportunity. Simply put I was not investing in the effort to give it even a small chance for being successful for me as it was being for other folks involved in the same opportunity.

I learned that like a business working online requires you to show up to work and put in the required time and take the required steps to make it successful. I also learned that it begins with me and Vick Strizheus put me on path to self-improvement that has changed the way I now view online marketing opportunities. I selected an opportunity for the long haul and treat it just as if it were a business in the brick and mortar world.

I still go back and review and study Vick’s material and continue to work on my self-improvement as well as mastering my online business skills.

For the first time since I began my online marketing adventure I feel confident that I can actually be successful. Every day this confidence grows as I not only learn what I need to do, I actually apply it to my business. I fully understand that there is no way any online opportunity can guarantee you success, and to believe anything else would be foolish.

Vick Strizhues explained it something like this; I cannot guarantee you will make any money with any opportunity I may offer simply because I do not know what effort you will expend to make it successful. Again, this resonated with me. As I looked back at everthing I had tried and failed it was obvious that the reason for the failure was simple, I had not treated it like a business and had not put the necessary effort.

I now believe that it is my actions and not the opportunity that will guarantee my success. I will always consider Vick Strizheus as the mentor that actually changed my paradigm regarding online business opportunities. The reality of the online business world is that overnight success is not the norm and based on your efforts it may take months or even years to be successful.

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to your success

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