How Opportunity Has Evaded My Life In Network Marketing

How many times have you looked at an opportunity you were really interested in and sincerely believed it could change your life yet you procrastinated and missed the boat?? This happens a lot for most of us especially when it comes to a new launch of a product, service, or network marketing opportunity. We do all the research maybe even get in on the free trial if one is offered only to step back to the safety of the shore and watch the proverbial boat go down the river. Next we spend some time second guessing ourselves and beating ourselves up because we realize the magnitude of the opportunity that has just passed us up. In network marketing these opportunities are time stamped and missing out on launches will more often than not leave you high and dry.


This was the story of my network marketing career actually the sum of my whole experience with any type of online marketing. Perhaps it was my skeptical nature that drove me to spend an inordinate amount of time testing the waters or my need to know everything before I took the first step that crippled my ability to make a quick decision. In either case I feel that maybe if I had only arrived at that decision sooner it would have made a significant positive difference in my results. I have no proof to offer that the opportunities I passed on would have resulted in huge success since there is really no way of knowing. What I can tell you is that failure to take action on those opportunities made failure a certainty in my case.
I am convinced the three mistakes I made were first procrastination in making my decision to join the network marketing opportunity early on. Next mistake was giving up to early when I was not seeing the success the individuals that joined early were enjoying and lastly not learning from my first two mistakes and repeating the cycle.

In his book “The Riches Man in Babylon’, Mr. Clason pin points the enemy as procrastination. He points out that opportunity waits on no one and success often favors the quick. He illustrates this point in several short tales of men who failed to take action and ended up missing huge opportunities. This in a strange way resonated with me and I saw myself in those tales walking in their footprints except now I knew those footprints led to nowhere.
I knew it was time for me to break this unproductive cycle I had been in and do two things. One was to take advantage of any network marketing opportunity I have deemed viable early on and preferably upon launch. The other is to commit to being successful with the opportunity especially if others are having massive success with it. Procrastination can be devastating not only in our business but in our life. It also does not mean we have to accept every opportunity that comes our way, if we realize at the onset it is not viable we need to reject it equally fast.

George S. Clason in “The Riches Man In Babylon” discusses procrastination in the section “The Debate Of Good Luck”. He suggests that good luck may flee from procrastination and by the vary act of procrastinating we become our own worst enemies. Luck in a way may be viewed as an opportunity that is embraced quickly once the risk is calculated to be acceptable.
This knowledge has led me to make two very important decisions about online marketing that have impacted my network marketing business in a positive manner. One being that I will take advantage of new product launches at the beginning when prudent to do so and the other that I will make the commitment to do what ever it takes to be successful. In my last year online these decisions have proved to be instrumental in my seeing success for the first time in network marketing.
I have stuck with the same opportunity for a year now and am seeing positive results on a consistent basis. This is highly motivating and makes it a pleasure to pursue this type of work at home on my terms. The greatest part is now there is an opportunity to get in on the latest launch and I am ready to jump in the river as soon as it happens. There is nothing that will keep me from being on the boat this time.

There are many opportunities to work from home out there but for me I have chosen network marketing. The main reason I chose my particular opportunity is because of the blogging platform available as one of the products. I quickly saw the opportunity in having a blog as an asset to market my opportunity. The decision for me was a no brainer and if you are ready to join in on the first mover opportunity here is what you need to do right now to change your luck; click on the link below and watch the short informative video but don’t procrastinate too long before you get your own blogging platform the boat is taking on passengers quickly.

My goal is your success

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