How Blogging Has Refocused My Life

Have you ever had the feeling that you were stuck in your business and could not see the light at the end of the tunnel? This can happen to anyone in any business for a lot of reasons. Sometime it is merely the business environment has changed and things that were effective last month just don’t work anymore. This is especially true in the online marketing area when the google algorithm changes or a particular sales funnel saturates the market and loses its effectiveness. Relying on these type of traffic strategies that work like gangbusters in the near term often will not result in a long term solution for any business.


I mainly relied on short term solutions when it came to generating traffic to my opportunity and when it did not work I simply looked for another opportunity and repeated the same process all over again. I never gave a second thought to the fact that it may not have been the opportunity that was keeping me from success it was my traffic strategies.
I tried solo ads, banner ads, and various other forms of paid traffic and seldom made enough income to recoup my advertising costs. Certainly not a blueprint for success online. I had heard about blogging even set one up using word press. It was not an easy task and I never got more than a few posts before I quit. Now I know that was probably not one of my wisest decisions online.

The only thing I did right was to continue to focus on my network marketing training with a firm belief that success was just one course away. This is what brought me to Empower Network and their revolutionary blogging platform. I was immediately impressed with the feel and look of their blog though still a bit skeptical about how it would have any impact on my online success. So I set up the blog and posted my first blog but still did not see the sense and shifted my focus to the training. This is where my break through came and next thing I knew I wanted to learn everything I could about blogging. Blogging as a strategy for driving traffic to an opportunity was something I had not considered and the more I learned about it the more it just made sense. The most insightful part was that this strategy would work in the long term, was not subject to the whims of google, and the traffic was organic/free.

I have been blogging consistently now for going on two months and while I have not seen huge success I can already see an improvement in traffic to my blog. My blog is focused on helping individuals new to online marketing discover blogging as a viable traffic strategy for consistent targeted traffic to any online business opportunity. The best part is I discovered how much fun sharing the information I am learning can be and sharing also helps to reinforce my learning. The training pulls no punches regarding the time and effort involved before you see any results which could take as long as 6 to 9 months. I set my expectations accordingly and this new knowledge has refocused my efforts and my approach to network marketing.

I chose to share this post today in the hopes that it may make a similar difference in someone else’s business. Blogging is a great venue to establish an online presence for your business but it can also be a huge asset as a traffic generating machine. If you are stuck in your business this just may be the best thing you can do to take your business to the next level. You won’t know unless you get all the facts and the best time to do that is right now. So don’t wait just click on the link below, watch the short informative video, and get your very own blogging platform and take advantage of what blogging can do for your business.
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