How Blogging Can Supercharge Your Network Marketing Business!

Should Network Marketers Have Blogs?

Yes, they should! But only if they want to make more money with their network marketing than ever before. 😉

While making money through traditional network marketing methods is both useful and necessary, bolstering your other efforts with a blog can pay off – HUGE. A blog helps people connect to you and your offers in a way that nothing else can. Here’s a closer look at why that’s the case!

…let us show you how to attract people into your business without even picking up the phone.

Here is what you do.

You blog, you blog some more, and you keep on blogging.

Here is why blogging is by far and away the greatest prospecting strategy in the history of history.

Blogging is all about providing value to people before you ever ask them to buy or join your business or whatever else you are trying to get them to do.

How do you provide value?

Well, it’s pretty simple.

You help them solve a problem, provide valuable information, entertain them, encourage them, inspire them, give them something they didn’t have before they found you, and do it for free.

Here is what will happen if you do.

Your prospects will get an inside look at you, your business, and your lifestyle. This is especially true if you get creative.

Of course high quality content is the back-bone of your mlm blog, but making it fun, funny, and personable is what will keep people interested and wanting more.

Your blog posts will last forever. People will reference back to your posts in the future if you are providing valuable information, and of course they will share it with other people.

Remember that every blog post acts as an entrance to your blog. If you write your posts about a specific topic and optimize it for search engines people will (hopefully) find your blog when they are looking for that particular information.

If you play your cards right, that person who landed on your site looking for some specific information will end up jumping around to read other valuable information contained on your site.

You do this by having links throughout your text and have lots of calls to action.

Do You Want to Quit Your Day Job?

There is a world of difference between making a small side income with network marketing, and making your full time living that way. The potential for huge profits is always there, but with network marketing (as much or more than with any other type of business), what you get out is in direct proportion to what you put in.

If you commit to spending the time and energy on a blog, you can bolster your efforts in all other parts of your network marketing and help skyrocket yourself to the next level of success! Blogging is free, it only costs your time and mental energy. And it can pay off BIG!

They say that traffic is the lifeblood of all online businesses.

Fair enough – without visitors, we make no sales.

First things first, it’s important to remember that there really are only two ways to drive traffic: free methods and paid methods.

None of us can pay indefinitely, so it’s important to leverage some free methods as well. Free methods work more slowly, but they can work more reliably too, because you can continue using them again and again.

The …most important, thing is to post to your blog. This is the best, most important, free thing you can do, frankly.

If you don’t try any of the other ideas but you just post something to your blog every day, you will do well because time will become your ally.

It gives the search engines something to recognize you by, it gives the visitors to your site something to read, and it positions you as a helpful, reliable resource.

It’s also a useful way to clarify your own thinking about what you want to do and what you want to promote.

Believe it or not, one of the best things you can do for your business is post something to your blog every day.

The post could be anything –

An encouraging email you received.
A joke you like.
A motivational quote.
A new product that you have tried out.
Your opinion about a movie.

Just by disciplining yourself to get it out of your head and onto your blog every day, you will be amazed over time at how much this simple step can grow your business.

I know that it sometimes feels like no one is reading the things we write. I feel that too. Posting to your blog can be isolating.

But believe me, people are out there needing help and if you provide it, they will read.
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Have you considered starting a blog for your network marketing business? If not, what’s holding you back?

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