Generate a Passive Income Online The Smart Way

Want to know the smartest way to generate a passive income online??

There are several ways of generating a recurring/passive income online where you do the work once and then you get paid as long as that particular member stays with your program.  The problem is that you will need a better strategy other than just recruiting individuals to join your offer.  First and foremost I want to discuss a couple of different options for generating this type of income. Both of the options I will be discussing are very common online and there are more than enough to choose from so I will try to cover the pros and cons of both.

I will start with network marketing and if you are not familiar with this option it involves some type of pyramid structure where you earn money from your direct referrals as well as any referrals made by anyone in your down line.  Relax I will be getting into a bit more detail so as not to overwhelm or confuse you.  The basic structure you will see most often begins with a front end offer to become a member of the program which is in most cases a monthly recurring fee you need to pay to stay in the program.

This fee generally gives you access to some free get started training and the right to promote the offer and recruit your own members.  The person who recruited you will get a commission as soon as you join and it is usually a percentage of your monthly fee and they will collect that fee monthly until you quit the program.  The program will also have a line of products or services that get progressively more expensive as you get to higher levels in the program.  In order to earn a commission when your members upgrade to these higher levels you must own those products yourself or they will be passed up to your up line sponsor.

The upside of these programs is that if you are a great recruiter you will more than likely make a good residual income as long as you find a way to keep your members enrolled and upgrading to higher levels within the program.  The down side is you get pressured to own all the products to make commissions from your down line. While I am a firm believer in owning any product I promote as it gives you a level of credibility with your prospects, it is not always practical especially if you have not done adequate research or you are just getting started.

The other method you can use is affiliate marketing where you find products to promote that pay a recurring monthly fee to use the service you are promoting.  Some of the tools you need to be successful on line fall into this category for example email auto-responders, page builders, and link trackers to name a few.  Again you sell the service once and you get a recurring income as long as the individual continues to use it. In some cases these programs also have some up-sells and in most cases you also get a percentage of that commission.

The upside of these programs is that marketers need these tools so they are somewhat easier to promote. The downside is that most of these are lower end products which means you need to make more sales and most affiliate products are not conducive to recurring sales.

I recommend you check out this informative article for more information on Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing before you join any opportunity. You can read it here

If you remember at the beginning I mentioned finding the smartest way to earn a passive income. To this end I highly recommend you do your due diligence before you pick any opportunity as a means of making an income online.  Do not pick any opportunity based solely on cost pick it based on value. Make sure you understand that you will have to invest time and money regardless of the opportunity if you expect to find any type of success in the online space.

Find one that you can resonate with the owner and even better if you find one that has a mentor to help you out.  This can be a long and tedious process and most of us are not willing to invest our time on endless research to find a viable opportunity to promote. One that is easy to get into and can get us earning a passive income in a short period of time.

Generally what happens is we jump into opportunities only to quit eventually without making a dime only to repeat the cycle with another opportunity we have not really researched.  This is what I did more times than I can remember and if you are like me and have little patience for researching opportunities then you might consider joining the Four Percent Group.  I recommend this especially if you are looking to skip the research and the best part is you can check out this opportunity by joining free.  This opportunity has everything you need and I believe it is the smartest way you will find online to earn a passive income. Enroll for free and get immediate  access to enough training, mentoring, and the right tools to get you started the right way. The program has specially selected products for you to promote and has built in multiple streams of recurring/passive income. Get free membership now.

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