Effective Landing Pages; Engaging The visitor

“Engaging The Visitor By Creating Effective Landing Pages”


This is the third installment of creating an effective landing page and here I will set the stage for how to actually engage the visitor. Remember we started out with the concept that we had to do that “1” Thing and we are going to keep going down that road.  In this session my goal is to help you understand that we understand that we need to have one person do “1” thing on our landing page.  Sounds simple enough but how do we actually go about accomplishing that feat.  For that we will need to look at what are the characteristics of our ideal customer, we will need to know exactly what we are going to communicate (our message), how will we display the information specifically, and how will we engage that visitor to communicate with us.

Let’s start with understanding the visitor and where can we get details about the folks coming to our landing page. If you are not doing this yet I highly recommend you take advantage of Google Analytics which will not only tell you how many visitors came to your website?landing page, it will tell you a ton of demographics about them.  This is invaluable information your can use to tailor your landing page specifically for your visitors.  It will certainly come in handy when you start doing A-B testing as you can test headlines, call to actions, or benefits etc… the list goes on. One way of doing this is to look at your Google Analytics data and make a list of up to 20 people in your audience and list all the details about them in excruciating detail.  Don’t fret if you cannot come up with 20 just do as many as you can.  This will enable you to tailor your message to “1” user with “1” landing page.  If you are going to be a successful marketer you will need to get proficient at cranking out landing pages by the dozen.  It will get easier with practice and your proficiency will increase exponentially before you know it.  The best part is you will start seeing a huge improvement in your conversions.  In a previous post I talk about the importance of landing pages that convert and you can read it here.  Affiliate pages that convert are paramount…  if you expect to be successful but it is no different for any other type of marketing in the online space.

In describing our visitor to a “T” we got a pretty good idea of who we are communicating with and what their needs and desires are but now we need to tailor our message to that specific visitor for example if this is an elderly person looking for weight loss supplements we do not want to be communicating to them about eating plans or exercise plans.  Our message will not have that critical connection with what we are marketing to that specific customer and odds are high they will not take that “1” action we intend for them to take. How we go about displaying the information we want to convey to our “1” visitor is also important and there are many options available for example we can take advantage of HTML links (link to text in another document) or expandable links (click to expand or collapse) to expand information on the Landing page or use a light box to bring attention to something such as an optin box.  How much or how little information is dependent on your situation and you can use testing to optimize as you go.

Finally you want to have a method to engage your customer and encourage communication with you.  This again is going to be dependent on where you are with your business and your financial situation.  If you are just getting started it may be difficult to engage a support staff or engage some type of live chat.  Putting your phone number as a method of your customer communicating with you may backfire if too many visitors start calling as you could spend countless hours on the phone. Email may be a good option to start with until you can afford some type of service to help you engage customers at a deeper level.  I sincerely hope this helps and that you understand that these are concepts we are just scratching the surface on and this information is not meant to be a full blown training course.  I just want to provide you with something to get you thinking about what is possible and if you feel like at some point you would like to be a specialist on landing pages you may want to check out Landing Page Secrets Here.  There you will actually get to go really deep into landing pages with step by step instructions.

To Your Success

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