Death Of A Salesman In Network Marketing Business

A new era has been ushered in when it comes to the network marketing business online.  No longer are people buying all the hype of those annoying capture pages.  Broke homeless man makes $3000 in his first month, unemployed high school dropout making millions online, join today and make $5000 your first week…. and the list just goes on.  We for the most part know it is hype and we also know that we cannot guarantee income in this business and be complaint with all the requirements. Yet the hype continues and everyone is trying to sell something online.  The problem being that it is no longer working like it used to, people have been burned too many times and to put it simply the new generation of network marketers online today are just getting smarter.  They are not being blinded by the hype they are in search of value and we as a community need to adapt to the changing environment.


We really need to take a whole different approach to being a marketer an approach that involves actually providing value to the online network marketing community.  We need to be true leaders in the community and set the example by actually serving the community in a positive manner.  How should we go about this is the million dollar question.  First we need to recognize that there is a benefit in providing value to the community in the form of training, guidance, mentoring, and motivation.  Don’t panic you will still make sells as you build your reputation as a value provider to your subscribers their loyalty will increase and when you do pitch something odds are they will be eager to purchase it.  The key to success will most likely be the manner in which you pitch the offer.


Keep in mind you are dealing with an educated network marketing community and as the saying goes “honesty is the best policy”.  There is no need for the hype, no need for bait and switch, no need for promises or guarantees.  You need to be yourself and provide your take on the offer based on your own experience or as a minimum your exhaustive research of the opportunity.  Believe me they can tell when you have no clue about the opportunity you are promoting and when this is the case you will only hurt yourself.  I personally make it a habit of not only owning the products I promote, but also being a student of those products and applying them in my business in some manner. If you are a network marketer it is important to build this loyalty with your subscribers as you will at some point need to grow a team for long term success.

There will be expectations of you as a team leader and if you do not have an intimate knowledge of the product or opportunity you may be promoting you will not be a very effective team leader. Team leaders need to be able to pave the way for their team to duplicate the actions that led to their success so they can also be successful.  It is one thing to grow a team and a totally different one to keep that team and enable that team to grow their own teams.  You will not do it by using hype or spending your time selling them one opportunity after another.  If you truly aspire to be a leader in the network marketing business you will need to treat it like any other business and invest your time in providing long term value to your subscribers, your members, and your tribe.  You cannot make it about you it has to be about your prospects, your subscribers, and your team.


I spent what seems like a lifetime serving people as an employee of the Department of Defense.  It was my responsibility to serve the warfighter and a responsibility I did not take lightly. Whether it was inspecting supplies locally manufactured for the military or alongside them in hostile environments like Iraq and Afghanistan insuring they were being well cared for by private defense contractors I was there to serve. Perhaps the most difficult transition for me has been learning how to serve in the network marketing environment. If you are new to network marketing you need to learn two things one is how to provide value instead of hype and the other is to pick a leader that provides value on a regular basis when you consider joining an opportunity. In addition to this as a new marketer you must also realize that this business requires an honest day’s work if you expect any type of long term results so don’t get blinded by the hype.


To Your Success



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