Business Basics; Where To Start!

Is this not always the dilemma? You just found the perfect business opportunity and just don’t have the first clue about what to do first. You know the business and are well versed on the particular details, but taking that first step seems like a huge obstacle. You are not alone, and the answer is actually quite simple, your first step is to get some clarity. You need to be crystal clear on your goal, your end game, your outcome. 
There is obviously a reason you were looking for an opportunity, and there is also a compelling reason why you would choose the particular opportunity you chose. Understanding these underlying factors is critical to your success and key to establishing a meaningful goal and getting clarity. Now that you know where to start, the next step is defining your goal. 
Every detail of you goal should be specific and clearly stated. For example if you goal is income based; it may look something like this. “I will be earning $5,000.00 a month by July 31, 2015 working part time online as an affiliate marketer. I will be working 8 hours a day and will not work on weekends.” As you can see this goal is specific, clearly stated, and includes all the necessary details. While this is a good start, it will not be sufficient as it does not describe what success will look like. Without this information it will be difficult to assess your progress and know that you have accomplished your goal. 
Your goal should consist of specific evidence, rewards, and the environment that will define the moment you accomplish your outcome. Your goal should be a carefully crafted narrative that is in the first person and time dated with anticipated completion time. When you read this narrative it should speak to all the senses and be clear enough a young person will understand it.  
Rewriting the goal in these terms would look something like this: “I Roman Deluna just woke up, it is July 31th 2015 and I can smell the coffee brewing. I am logging into my computer to check the back office of my online account. As I wait for my computer to come on, I pour my first cup of coffee and listen to the peaceful rain falling outside my window. The coffee tastes awesome this morning and as I look at my account my jaw drops. I just realized I made $5654.00 this month and have accomplished my goal. I cannot believe how easy it was and as a reward, I plan to going on a cruise with my family.  
Did you notice the difference between the two version?  I am convince that stating your goal according to the latter example will go a long way to making you successful in accomplishing your goal. If you can see yourself accomplishing your goal, you can achieve it. 


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