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This is my story, my “once upon a time”, my “in the beginning” my to put it bluntly “how did I end up here story?” While I have never been homeless or destitute, I have known some tough times in my life. Tough times are bad enough when you are young and have plenty of time to recover but when you get to be my age it is a totally different situation. A situation compounded by trying to manage life on a fixed income. .


I had always loved technology and anytime I was in search of information I turned to the internet and this is how one day I discovered that there was a plethora of information and opportunities on line. Opportunities that could help me supplement my retirement income to eliminate or at least mitigate the effect that tough times can have on a fixed income. I found one specific opportunity that showed me how doing 5 simple things I could easily implement would help me solve all my problems. There is actually 8 of them and I will share the other 3 later.


I led a fairly successful life in the corporate world and pretty much succeeded at my career and retired with 34 years of service from the Department of Defense with a sufficient annuity that I could live fairly comfortable for the rest of my years. I had always envisioned that I would spend my time fishing, traveling, hanging out with family and friends, and helping people in need. There were many setbacks along the way but I am being persistent in overcoming them and will prevail. While I am not exactly where I want to be right now I am well on my way and I have this opportunity to thank for my success.


My story turns personal at this point and it is not easy to tell. We always consider stories as just that; “stories”. When they are about a real person and real circumstances they take on a whole different meaning. For me it means baring my soul and exposing all my trials and tribulations to total strangers. There is only one reason I am willing to share my story with you and that is in the hope that it will inspire you if you resonate with my struggle. Please do not judge me as I have no regrets for any actions I have taken to help others at some detriment to my happiness, some impact to my financial status, and some compromising of my values for the greater good. Pay close attention to what I share and see how my actions may be something that can apply in your situation and help you with your struggles.


“I never saw it coming”


I was enjoying my freedom, living the life, throwing caution to the wind. The early years of retirement were terrific and I was living the dream traveling on a whim to Alaska, Europe, and across the rest of the country and yes even fishing in between. I had 3 properties at this point leasing out two of them. My girlfriend had an equivalent annuity and we were well off just the two of us. Then my world slowly started to crumble. The demands were from my family as most of my immediate family were living paycheck to paycheck and there was more month than money in most cases.


It started with one of my nieces who found herself in a dire situation on the verge of losing her home and turned to me for some assistance. I was able to help her by making a couple of payments for her but could not save her. In the end all I could do was recommend she file for bankruptcy. Next my little brother got into a bind setting me back over 20k and I still could not make it all well for him, yeah you guessed it another bankruptcy. Finally my sister had some unfortunate things happen in her life and I immediately came to the rescue once again and with similar results I was unable to make it all well for her and once again another bankruptcy was filed. I am a firm believer in helping others in their time of need but have learned to stop short of going down with them. A practical part of my nature that led to the guilt feelings that haunt me.


For me the worst part was not being able to save them on my fixed income even after exhausting my savings. I hated the feeling and blamed myself for their situation not improving. I had convinced myself that this was just the way it was and the universe was in control. I would never be able to impact their lives in a transformational manner and I was powerless in my current situation. I have learned that there is often a silver lining but in this case I could not find it anywhere. I was now living in fear of the next phone call, the next visit, the next disaster in someone’s life, the next time I could not save one of my friends or family members. I could no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel yet I knew deep inside I was capable of more, I was better than this, and I had never given up before. I did not have a real clue as to how I would change my situation but I knew I was going to change it and I was going to begin that change immediately.


“My Defining Moment”


I was all of a sudden crystal clear on what needed to happen next in my life albeit I had little idea on how I was going to effect that change. This is when I decided to stand up and proclaim out loud that this was the last time I would not be able to help, the last time I would be powerless, the last time I would fail to save someone in need. First I had to admit to myself that I did not have all the answers, I did not know all the laws of the universe, that maybe there was a reason for all this and maybe this was the proverbial silver lining. But first things first, I still needed to change my attitude, I needed to start listening, I needed to pay attention because just maybe the universe was trying to tell me something.


“I Embarked On My Journey”


My search online for options to supplement my income had yielded a ton of results and I started the painful task of sorting them out and making a decision to commit to one I considered viable to get me out of my current situation. It all started with an email after I traded my name and email for some free report about how some dude had made over $70,000 in just one month with some revolutionary new program. The email was nothing spectacular it started by telling me I was at the right place and had taken the right step towards changing my situation.


To this day I do not know the reason it resonated with me but I am glad it did. I was reading about real people with real struggles making transformational change in their situations. I was looking for exactly the same thing and these folks had already found it. The next step was easy I just had to join the opportunity and start doing what the people that had what I wanted were doing. I had to model their every step, use the same systems, and learn the same strategies that were working for them and implement all of it into my own business.


For the very first time in a long time I knew that I would soon be in a position to not only help my family but to help them in a way that preserves their dignity and actually transforms their lives so that like me one day they too will be able to help others. I became obsessed with learning all I could about this opportunity and how to use it to not only supplement my income but to live the lifestyle I could only dream about a few short years ago. I found a mentor and I became a model student, a working apprentice, and now a teacher to help others learn what I have learned. At the time I did not have the slightest clue that this would one day turn into the catalyst that would bring the greatest most positive change to my life; a change I could never have imagined.


“Then There Was This Profound Realization”


I always been goal driven and task oriented so I charged head first into the task of making these strategies I was learning work for me. I had always wanted to start a blog and had made various attempts at it in the past so this to me was going to be the easy part. I jumped right into blogging like it was second nature to me and before I knew it I was well beyond the 21 day challenge to get me started and had over 50 blog posts under my belt. I was already starting to see results in the number of visitors to my blog, even started getting people to optin to my email list off my blog.


I had discovered a few concepts along the way which had enabled me to build a blog that would be the foundation for my business and the vehicle for my transformation. One of the greatest discoveries was that I like most people wanted to change my life but I believed these online opportunities were too good to be true and may even be a scam. I discovered that this was the main thing keeping me from my dreams of being successful online.


The real question may be “do you believe your life can be transformed?’, “do you believe there is more to life that what you have now?” Are you ready to get started and do what it takes? I have to keep it real since I do not want to mislead you in any way or have you believe that this is going to happen magically overnight. Trust me it won’t, it will take time and effort on your part and it will take you applying the strategies that you will learn. On the bright side you are going to be well on your way to having your own successful business online and there will be no limit on what you can accomplish.


“The Knowledge I Walked Away With”


I learned that the most important thing is to get started and here is what I hope you walk away with today. I hope you walk away with an understanding that before I or anyone else can teach you anything else you will need to understand these 5 basic concepts for being successful online.

1.  I learned that first and foremost as with any other business I needed something of value to sell. The great news was that I did not need to have my own product to get started, I could use a product that already existed. In addition to this I did not have to even do the actual selling I just had to implement a traffic strategy to get people to see the offer I was promoting which will be lesson #2.

2.  I learned that I need to find a viable traffic strategy for getting visitors to my website where the offer would reside. (There are many ways to accomplish this and I will share those with you in due time, for now just know you too will need some form of traffic strategy).

3.  I learned that I would need a way to capture information from prospects that would help me generate leads and slowly overtime build a list of clients.

4.  I learned that I needed a strategy for communication with these clients via email on a regular basis. This would allow me to follow up with them and provide them valuable information that would help them with their business but more importantly to promote other offers to them that I feel will help them.

5.  Last but not least I learned that a blog was paramount to success for several reasons: first it would help me establish an online presence if I was consistent in posting valuable content, secondly it would provide me a venue for sharing my passion, and last but not least it would serve as my long term sustainable free traffic generating machine.

Those are the 5 simple strategies you need to understand but as a bonus here are the other 3 things I mentioned earlier. Once you have a good handle on the first 5 things these will take your business to the next level but rather than try to explain them all here I will just list them and later show you a video that will explain them all in detail.

6.  A growing market
7.  A force multiplier
8.  The right timing

When you merge all these things together the magic will happen for you and you will finally see that you too can have the lifestyle you have only dreamed of and the income and the time freedom to enjoy it.

“Here Is Some Sage Advice From Someone That Wishes He Had Started Earlier”


I accept this to be true….
If you are still reading at this point it means that you are looking to change your personal reality, you are looking for more time to spend with family and friends, more money to help those friends and family, or just want the lifestyle I know you deserve. The bad news at this point is that if you do not start today, if you wait until you are my age to start, or if you do not start at all here is what you can expect. The same reality you are dealing with right now is the same reality you will face tomorrow, the same reality your will face the day after that and so on. I am sure you get the point.
The good news is that you are in control of your own reality and by clicking on the link below and letting someone walk you through the process you will ultimate have everything you ever want or desire. I am now going to turn you over to those trusted colleagues of mine to help you get started. Click here to watch Mars and Holley break down and illustrate exactly how this is going to help you. (you may have to enter your email as there is a whole teaching sequence that is involved and we will need a way to contact you occasionally to provide useful training outlines and other tools as well as to help you stay on track). I will see you on the inside!  Find Out How I Finally Succeeded Here!
My Goal Is Your Success
P.S. Feel free to share this with your friends or someone else that may benefit from it or leave me a comment below on any questions you may have. I personally respond to all questions and comments here.

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