A Short Tutorial On Email Marketing

 “Why Won’t Anyone Open My Emails???”

Most auto responders have some form of statistical data that you can look at to see what your actual open rates are for each email that you send out. If these open rates indicate your emails are not being opened then you need to find out why and how to remedy the situation. In most cases you can quickly arrive at the issue and the fix is just as easy if you go about it the right manner. You may have the most awesome email follow-up series out there but if no one ever looks at it then you are just spinning your wheels.

“Understanding How Prospects End Up On Your List”

You really need to pay attention to this part as this is where I missed the boat when I started and quickly grew my list to over 5000 before I realized that was the easy part and I really had not accomplished anything as my actual open rates were less than 1%. I ended up dumping this list as it did not seem to matter what “subject” line I used there was no effect on my open rates. I had learned something about email marketing at this point and I knew it would be easier to start over than to resurrect a list for all practical purposed dead. I am sure it can probably be done and one day I may learn the secret to doing just that. At the time I could not see the logic in wasting any more time modifying emails no one was going to see.

Based on the training I had been exposed to as part of the network marketing business I joined I now knew that the real issue was that my list had no idea who I was or why they were even getting emails from me. The root of this problem goes back to the way I was marketing my offers that landed them on my list to start with. You can read about that in this post “Not Getting Optin’s”, where I talk about how using canned marketing materials keeps you a stranger to the individuals that enter their email on your capture page and end up on your list.

The folks have no clue as to who you may be when your email ends up on their inbox and in have no way of connecting you to the offer they opted in to. In the majority of cases they are going to ignore, delete, and worst case scenario mark you email as spam. The result in either of this cases is that for all practical purposes this contact will never open one of your emails and will eventually figure out how to unsubscribe from your list. I always find it interesting how some of the new people don’t understand that they can simply unsubscribe from my list instead of sending me negative emails to quit emailing them. They have no idea they ever subscribed to my list in the first place.

I used to take that personally and wanted to just let them know how they should not have entered their email if they did not want to be on a mailing list. The sad part is these were the only people that opened my emails and made up my less than 1% open rate. Now I am glad I handled them differently by just going and deleting them from my list. The reason I am glad is because it was not their fault and they had no idea why I was emailing them since my name and email was not on any of the marketing materials they saw before receiving my email.

“What Type Of Emails Should I Be Sending My List To Promote Network Marketing Offers?”

If you get past the first part and now have a more responsive list to work with this is a great strategy I recently learned about that makes sense if you expect to keep your list responsive in the long term. I will break it down by the types of emails you should be sending and the one thing these emails should all have in common. From what I learned and my experience there are basically 4 types of emails you should send to your list on a regular basis. Start off by understanding that when people optin to your list they are choosing to join you and people buy from people because they trust those people. Your goal is to first and foremost start that trust relationship with your very first email and nurture that trust in each and every email you send them. This is the part all your emails will have in common and one way of doing this is by finding a way to provide value in each email you send even if it is something small like answering a question or resolving an issue they may be having.

“Your First Email Must Include This…”

The very first email in your auto responder has a very specific purpose and you must insure your first email accomplishes that purpose. While it is a simple thing to do it is often overlooked in most cases because we do not understand the importance of this very first contact with our new subscriber. I used to fit into that category and had the misguided notion that the main reason for having an auto responder was to pitch offers to my subscribers. I would load it up with a canned follow-up series that pitched one offer after another with the expectation I would soon make money online on auto pilot. This never happened and now I understand the reason why and hopefully you will too.

You first email has one purpose and one purpose only and that purpose is to deliver what you promised on your lead capture/landing page. This is your one and usually only opportunity to make good on your promise as failure to do so could potentially lose you a subscriber. It can be as simple as “Hey, this is Roman and here is the report/pdf/video you requested” and include a link to the item. Believe it or not just this simple gesture of you making good on your promise will go a long way in establishing trust in your relationship especially if the item you are delivering provides some form of value. This will show that you have some integrity and though a small win it will lead to some loyal subscribers in the long run.

“You Should Include A Short Follow-Up Daily Series”

In your next email focus on continuing to build trust with your subscriber by sharing a little something about yourself, it does not have to be long winded. You may just want to share some contact information such as an email where they can reach you or even a phone number (I got a google voice phone number I use for this purpose) and let them know I may not answer but if they leave a message I will return their call. You do not have to provide your phone number if you do not feel comfortable and it may get out of hand when you get a lot of subscribers.

Along the same lines you should give them the option to connect with you on social media and provide them the appropriate links. This will also enhance your trust relationship and help to improve their awareness of your presence online. Include the link to the item you promised once again and just remind them with something like “here is that link again in case you haven’t had the opportunity to download that free item yet”. Notice at this point we have not pitched a single thing and continue to provide some form of value.

Your third email you start to share your story or as much of it as you feel comfortable sharing. Talk about your struggle in your business and how you overcame that struggle. This will help to reinforce the trust relationship and improve the responsiveness of your list. I previously published a post on how to tell a story in your network marketing business or any other business you may be involved in and you can read about it here “Rags to Riches”.

Not everyone will resonate with your story but here is what you are likely to discover. The majority of your subscribers will resonate with at least a small part of your story and some may even resonate with all it. In either case you have not sabotaged your ability to build trust and you have once again provided some type of value. I hope this is making some sense at this point and you may even notice we have not tried to sell anything to this point except maybe ourselves.

Your fourth email should focus on addressing any frequently asked questions (FAQ’s). You can do this one of two ways by asking them to reply to your email with any questions they may have at this point regarding the item you sent them in the first email. The other option is to include some hypothetical FAQ’s you develop based on the report/pdf/video you sent them in the first email. It is important that these questions be congruent with what the report/pdf/video was about. A different approach with this email that would accomplish the same thing would be to send out a short survey asking your subscribers what is the number one thing they may be needing help with.

The last or fifth email in your short series can be used to share someone else’s story that may have been having similar struggles as you had and used the opportunity you happen to be promoting to overcome their struggles. Focus on how they got the results that led them to overcome their situation just as you did and how it could possible get them the same results. This is a form of soft selling and you should definitely include a “Call to Action” (CTA) on this email with a link to the opportunity.

I personally use a short auto-responder series and then I start using broadcasts to keep in touch with my list almost daily as it is important to be consistent. I still keep the same strategy of providing value and before I draft my broad cast I ask myself “what can I send today that will help one person on my list”. I do this with some of the email types I discussed above. I tend to use the FAQ approach by answering questions in a broadcast either in text format or I may shoot a short “How To” video. It may go something like this, I receive a question from one of my subscribers and respond with this; “I got your question and here is the answer that I believe will help you with the problem you are having.” I follow this with a “CTA” something like this; “If you need more information you can go “here” (Link it to offer) or I believe this product can help you get the results you want” (again link to offer).

I am convinced that stories are actually the best way to sell without selling and you should use your own or somebody else’s as in the previous example in some of your broadcasts to promote your offers. There is another way to promote offers with broadcasts but I do not recommend it and if you do use this approach I recommend you do it sparingly. The approach is using a direct “CTA” for example “you opted in for this free report and you should go join this opportunity right now and solve your problem once and for all.” That could wear out your welcome quickly especially if you over do it with this approach.

I hope you found this post informative and welcome your comments or questions in the comment section below. If you haven’t yet downloaded your free EBook “1000 Subscribers in 30 Days” just optin below and download it free today.
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