4 Blogging Hacks That Can Avoid These Beginner Mistakes If You Want To Start Your Blogging Experience On The Right Foot.

If you are like most folks that wake up one morning and decide you want to create your own blog, odds are you are going to make some mistakes. Avoiding the common beginner mistakes will be paramount to a successful blogging experience in a short time. This is especially important if you are starting a business blog, are involved in online marketing, or want to quickly establish an online pressence.
  1. Originality

    Be original, be original, be original, this can not be over emphasized. it is your blog and should be your voice, your words, and your style. Keep it conversational and fun so it is interesting to your readers. Along the same lines resist the temptation to copy some one else’s content. In some instances it may be appropriate to use borrowed content to better illustrate a point, but do it properly. Be courteous and properly cite the reference it will keep you legal and serve to provide your readers a good source if they want more information on that particular topic. This will also build trust in your readers.
  2. Research your topic

    You can always tell when you are reading a good blog because it is interesting, easy to read, keeps your attention, and the writing makes you want to come back to read more of that readers posts. You too can write an impressive blog, but not if you don’t spend some upfront effort on doing your research. Read other blogs on your topic; for example “best blogs about…”, “top blogs about…”, or informative news blogs about the topic from reliable news sources. This is especially important if you plan on providing any type of advice. Again, use your own words, resist the temptation to just copy the material into your blog without properly citing your reference.
  3. Review and revise

    Never get into a hurry to publish your post as haste can make you look unprofessional; remember auto correct is not always your friend. Be mindful of your spelling and your grammar. Time spent reviewing and revising your post to correct these simple errors will pay off exponentially in the long run.
  4. Writing style

    If you want to keep your topic interesting you must stay focused and insure your topic flows properly, interject some humor if appropriate, stay humble and don’t get into a preaching mode. Feel free to express some creativity by adding some appropriate images or videos to you post. Last but not lease avoid the use of curse words as more often than not they will be an instant turn off to your readers.
If you are feeling creative and want to start your own blog as a business or just want to establish an online pressence to improve your online marketing results; it is paramount that you get started on the right foot. These tips will expedite your learning curve.
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