3 Tips For Staying Focused In Network Marketing For Beginners


If you are like most of us you will find it difficult to focus when you first join a network marketing opportunity. The main reason for me was all the distractions. Half the time I did not know what I was supposed to be doing and time has proved I did not do the right thing in most cases. Most of my issues was the overwhelming amount of information coming at me from all directions. I had a boss once that used to tell me he was covered with “whelm” to mean he was overwhelmed. That seems to be the prevalent state for most of us in network marketing especially when we are new and dealing with our first opportunity.

It does not have to be this way and for the most part we bring in all on ourselves, I know I did. I thought everthing had to be done and it all had to be done right away. I was so focused on making my first dollar that I was cutting trees as fast as I could to find the forest if you know what I mean. I had so many attempts and so many failures before I actually saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Here are 3 tips I am convinced will help you make sense of your first network marketing experience.

First Network Marketing Tip Is Learn About The Opportunity

This is critical as you do not want to jump into any opportunity and start to promote it before you truly understand what it entails. The main reason for this is you will be in no position to support any members you sponsor and will more than likely lose them. If you are doing this as a business it is imperative that you consider it a business and a long term venture. For me it is more of an integrity issue and I will not promote an opportunity that I feel will not benefit my subscribers.

Therefore I focus on any training provided in the back office, determine what marketing resources are available, check out the leadership and support staff, and then decide if it is a viable opportunity to promote. It is paramount to stay focused during this phase and ignore any distractions such as emails, televisions, social media, and especially other opportunities. You would not buy a McDonald’s Franchise and then spend your first few months looking at what other Franchises may be out there. It is no different in the network marketing world; you are the chief cook and bottle washer and need to find your way around the kitchen before you can server the first meal.

Second Tip Is Establish Your Network Marketing Strategy

You will need to determine what the best means will be for you to market and advertise your network marketing opportunity. First you must decide if you want to use the company marketing resources available to you or develop your own. There are pros and cons to either. My main experience with company provided materials is their effectiveness if the opportunity has already been promoted for more than a few months. People online get tired of seeing the same landing pages and eventually ignore them which is not good news for you if you jumped into the opportunity late. ON the plus side chances are you have limited experience and this is the easiest for you to do.

The other option is develop your own landing pages so you stick out among the competition. This option will get you more clicks and is a better option as you want to put your own wrapper around the opportunity to stand out. The downside is if you are new to network marketing you will not necessarily know how to accomplish this task and learning how will delay your efforts to make a profit. That is the conundrum in a nutshell. This was actually the part I found the most intimidating. I don’t know about you but for me the uncertainty involved with this process had me wondering what the heck I had gotten into.

I found that all the possible options available were distracting in themselves. Not to mention the fear of trying something for the first time especially if you need to invest some of your own money to see if it works. My experience early on was that most did not work. Here is what you need to look for right away and that is a strategy where you at least get your advertising budget paid for. I immediately found out this was easier said than done. You will learn some hard lessons if you are not careful with this phase of your network marketing business startup.

Here is my take on this part of the process. If you have the budget and technical stuff does not frighten you I suggest you learn how to make your own landing pages you can use WordPress and Optimizepress which is a plug-in for WordPress. Between the two you can produce a decent landing page. There are other software programs and you can always outsource. Now for the really scary part which is you need to get traffic to your landing page. This is easy if you have a good advertising budget as you can get solo ads or buy traffic from a traffic reseller. It can be an expensive proposition and I do not recommend it if you are just getting started.

In which case I would recommend finding options that can drive free traffic to your offer. You can seek traffic exchanges also known as safelists (I am not t0o fond of these), you can use free classifieds (be careful with the do’s and don’ts when using these; just make sure you read terms of agreement). What I would recommend and it happens to be my traffic generation strategy of choice is to start a blog. Mind you it will take you a while to see results but it is the least expensive option and I get the best bang for my buck. I personally use a paid platform that charges a monthly fee but there are some free platforms you can use like “blogger.com” and WordPress.com and “Tumblr” to name a few.

Third Tip Is To Invest In Learning Your Network Marketing Craft

As an entrepreneur especially in the network marketing arena you will need much more than just the knowledge of the particular opportunity. Keep in mind that it is a business and the main part of the business is going to be sponsoring and selling and to do this effectively you will need to expand you knowledge of all facets of network marketing. You will need to understand selling, marketing, recruiting, being a team leader, training your team, motivating your team, a plethora of technical stuff, and be intimate with traffic and marketing strategies.

This is just the tip of the iceberg but a necessary evil if you expect to be successful in the long term. I have been online for some time now and have learned many lessons the hard way. I am now convince that the most important part of network marketing is in the personal development arena. You need to invest in your growth so that your business will grow and you will eventually learn this as I did. Network marketing can be a very lucrative endeavor but the numbers don’t lie and everyone knows that the percentage of failures is >90%. The odds are stacked against you from the start and not understanding what is really involved in breaking through and being successful is among the main reasons for failure.

I cannot count the number of times when I did not see the results I expected right away and instead of identifying the cause I chose a new opportunity to pursue. I am with you on that one and if you ever feel the grass may be greener on the other side or the next object appears more shiny than yours just remember this; You still need to nurture the grass to keep it green and you will need to polish your new object to keep it shiny. What I want you to think about is that every time you jump ship you will have to start all over again from step 1.

If you just focus on this 3 tips to keep your focused on your particular network marketing opportunity you will quickly discover that you have no time for distractions. You only get out of a business what you put into it and that is just the way it is. If you focus on learning everything you can about the opportunity, develop some sound marketing and advertising strategies, and work on your personal development by perfecting your network marketing craft you will achieve success. It may not happen overnight but it will happen. Time is something you cannot take back once it is gone it is gone. This is important to understand because every time you choose to start over it is day one all over again and you are no better off than the last time you started over. You are no closer to success and no closer to the freedom that comes with it.

Just so you know I practice what I preach here is a typical day for me.  I spend about 1 hour at the gym where I multi task a bit by listening to an audio tape this week it is “10 Conversations you need to have with yourself” by Shmuley Boteach (personal development). I come home and spend another 2 hours researching and writing my daily blog, another hour promoting my blog. Drafted and sent an email to my list. Today I had to add an opt in box to my blog and find a lead magnet (free EBook) to exchange for emails to build another email list using my blog. Then there was an other 2 hours I spent on training courses to perfect my craft. Last thing I will do before bed tonight is read a chapter or two in my book which this week happens to be “The richest man in Babylon” by George S. Clason.  I will eventually blog about what I learned in the books as well as in the training course.

I use blogging for two reasons the first of which is to share my passion with my readers.  My passion is to help new network marketing entrepreneurs find their way when they are just getting started. My second reason for blogging is as a traffic generating strategy for my network marketing offer.  If blogging is something that may resonate with you then you should probably check out the informative video below and see how easy it is to get started. Don’t forget to get your free EBook on “How to get 1000 subscribers to your email list in 30 days” below the video.


My goal is your success


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