3 Things To Consider When Using Landing Pages In Network Marketing

If you are a beginner this may seem totally foreign to you at his point as you probably have not yet determined that all landing pages are not created equal. You may not even understand exactly what the purpose of a landing page is right now but you will by the time you get to the end of this post.  If you are like most people new to network marketing you also don’t understand why you really should consider creating your own landing pages when the opportunity you are promoting has perfectly good ones.  The answer may surprise you but the sooner you understand it the better off you will be.

Let’s start by defining what a landing page is and why you should use one in the first place.  A landing page is basically where you want to send visitors regardless of what you are promoting. Most landing pages consist of 4 main components or parts. First it serves to provide your prospects the basic information regarding your opportunity, secondly it will contain an opt in box of some type where you can get prospects to opt in to your email list, it should also contain some type of lead magnet to entice visitors to opt in. and finally they should include a call to action of some type.

Understanding the basic information

The basic information regarding the opportunity should focus on a solving a problem or define the benefits your prospect will receive as a result of joining your opportunity. It is designed to be a short and concise summary of what is being offered not to provide detailed information regarding the opportunity. The long detailed explanation should be saved for the actual sales page and that is where you should be sending your prospects after they opt in to your email list on your landing page.

The lead magnet could be something like an EBook, a free video, or even a simple PDF report they can easily download in return for providing you their email list. The opt in box should be tied to you own auto responder so you can follow up with your prospects. The call to action should stand out and provide clear instructions on what you want the prospect to do after they enter their email  For example; “click here for instant access” or “click to download your free EBook”.

Why designing your own landing page is important

Why is it important for you to design your own landing pages for promoting network marketing opportunities. You need to be able to stand out among the crowd if you are going to be successful in your business venture.  A great way is by designing your own landing pages instead of using the ones provided as a resource within the opportunity.  If you are promoting the exact same landing page the majority of marketers are promoting for that opportunity odds are most visitors will have already seen that exact page from someone else and will not spend any time on yours.

In addition to this with everyone promoting the same page the market will become saturated with it very quickly and it will become ineffective decreasing your number of opt ins significantly.  There are many sources available for you to design your own landing pages including the option to outsource. I personally use Click Funnels feel free to let me know in the comments if you need more information on this source or other sources.

Be aware of auto responder settings on landing pages

Be aware that some landing pages that are provided to you have opt in boxes where the email entered goes to someone else’s list.  This is not always the case as most give you the option to connect it to your own auto responder.  If you are planning to use the landing pages provided within your opportunity at least make sure you are building your list and not somebody else’s.  If you are new to network marketing it may be easier at first to use the standard resources provided and that is fine but be aware of the consequences and start designing your own as soon as practical base on your own circumstances.  This is very basic information on landing pages that I thought would serve you well if you are involved with promoting network marketing or involved in affiliate marketing.  Let me know in the comments if you found this helpful and would enjoy more detailed articles on this topic.


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