3 Simple Tools For Taking Your Network Marketing To The Next Level

What would you be willing to do to take your network marketing business to the next level?? Here is something you should consider as a starting point that is not always obvious. Most would think that getting into the business end of the opportunity whether it be affiliate marketing, network marketing, or any other online business is the best place to begin.

I submit to you that a better option may be to get into the correct mindset before you begin. This not a very difficult task but one that will require some thinking on your part as you need to basically do three things. First and foremost you need to set your commitment in stone and a great way is by setting your vision and establishing some goals for yourself. Second is finding an opportunity or product to promote and this can be your product or opportunity or someone else’s. Last of all you will need a strategy to market your product.

  1. Setting Goals For Your Network Marketing Business

    Having goals you have committed to is what will keep you focused as you take your network marketing business to the next level. Think of it as a road map when you are going on a long trip. Your map would include a route to the new destination, a reasonable time frame to arrive at your destination, any sites you want to take in along the way, and maybe even accommodations for the night if it involves more than one day.
    Perhaps that was an oversimplification of the process but it really is not that difficult. Believe it or not the most difficult part for most of us is really establishing “WHY” we actually want to take this journey finding the exact “WHY” can take some soul searching to say the least. Then we need to establish our destination or to put it an other way, where do we want to be 6 months or a year from now? It is only after this that we can break it down in actionable steps we need to take along the way to reach our ultimate goal within our desired timeframe. I firmly believe the old adage that there are no unrealistic goals simply unrealistic time frames. Click here for a template to help you set your 2015 goals.
  2. How Outcome Based Goals Can Help You Meet Your Network Marketing Goals

    Goals unfortunately are much like those proverbial New Year’s Resolutions that soon go by the wayside. The main reason for this is that we set our network marketing goals and then we put them aside and go on about our business without any directions. For all practical purposes we are headed somewhere without the benefit of some sort of map. We get wrapped around the mechanics of the opportunity and quickly lose sight of our objectives. Like someone once said “When you are up to your buns in alligators it is tough to remember your main objective was to drain the swamp.

    So how exactly do we go about keeping our goals where we can access them everyday to help us stay focused. There are two ways I can suggest to give you a start but don’t be shy you can get creative and design something that will resonate with you. One I have used is to make your goals outcome based.

    In this scenario you will simply take your goals from the goal template and elaborate on what the outcome is writing them out in the first person, date stamped for the date you identified in your timeframe, and specifically detailing the scene as it will be on the day you accomplish your goals. Then you will want to place this outcome based statement where you can read it everyday. “see an example here” the other is a vision board. I saw this particular idea on TV one morning and it made a ton of sense. In this scenario your will take a bulletin board of some type and place actual pictures of your “WHY” for example a picture of the home you may want, the vehicle you will buy, picture of the money you will earn. Find pictures that accurately reflect the statements from your outcome based goals or as close as possible.

    The important thing is that it forces you to look at your goals everyday and before you know it two things will happen. One is your will have made it a habit to do this automatically and the other is you will discover you are actually making progress. You may not have the destination in sight yet but you will be absolutely certain you are on the right road.


  3. Blogging As A Strategy For Promoting Your Network Marketing Business

    The best strategy I have found for promoting network marketing opportunities, affiliate marketing, or other online ventures is a blog. The main reason is that it accomplishes two things one it helps you share your passion and for me that is sharing information my subscribers may find useful in their business. The other is that blogging can be an awesome source for driving very targeted traffic to your opportunity. The more congruent your blog topic is with your opportunity the more laser targeted the traffic. For example if your passion is golfing and you sell golf related books, golf equipment, or other golf niche products it would make sense that your subscribers will more likely than not be golfers.

    The greatest part about blogging to get this targeted traffic is that the traffic is organic and by that I mean free. The other great thing is that your traffic will continue to grow overtime as you get more content on your blog and expand your list of subscribers. The downside is that you will have to be a prolific blogger and you will need to do this on a consistent basis. It is alright if you are just getting started just remember that it will take time, maybe as long as 3 to 9 months before you get found so don’t worry about posting great blogs right away. I tell you this so you can set some realistic time frames. The good news is your first efforts will seldom be noticed as you will not get many visitors when you first start. By the time real traffic starts coming in your blogging skills will be well honed and you will be putting out great blogs. When you start it is more important to try to blog everyday than to spend a lot of time fixing up your site or trying to have perfect spelling or grammar. You do need to work on these but not right away so focus the lion’s share of your time on the blogging side first.

    I personally use blogging as a marketing strategy for my network marketing business in addition to some paid traffic strategies. The beauty is that blogging gets me consistent sustained organic/free traffic and the more I blog the greater the flow of laser targeted traffic to my opportunity. If these strategies are something you can use in your business check this out right now; just click on the link below, watch a short informative video, and start your blogging strategy to promote your business by tomorrow.

    My goal is your success

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