3 Motivational Network Marketing Success Quotes

In network marketing the harvest is not overnight or automatic

Plant the seed and the flowers will come

In network marketing it takes a different strategy to get you to the next level

What gets you here will not necessarily get you where you want to go

Why are you still struggling for success in network marketing?? For many of us it is simply we do not believe yet we can achieve our dreams. Unfortunately that type of mindset is very self destructive and is often our very worst enemy. Sometimes what we really need at that point is a little inspiration mixed with a dash of motivation. It could be just what the doctor ordered but in some cases it may even require an external prescription. This is when you need someone else to have faith in you, someone else who believes you can, in most cases that someone should be someone really close to you. There is nothing worse to hold you back than your partner for if they don’t believe it will be difficult for you to believe. It is not impossible though and if it helps at all I believe in you, I have faith you can get past the doubt, and I am confident you will succeed in network marketing, affiliate marketing, or any other online business you choose. This post is just for you from me as my goal as always is your success.

  1. Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

    Francis of Assisi
    In a lot of cases our main failure to succeed comes from being overwhelmed with the network marketing opportunity we join. There is training to do, marketing, and advertising to start with and if we want to know anything about our return on investment we will need to track everything. Take a deep breath before we go on because if you have not heard it before, it all starts with your mindset. This seems a daunting task but it is vital to your success so whatever it takes convince yourself you can succeed before you start. If it helps at all I believe that you have it within you to be successful at whatever online business you are going to start. As Francis of Assisi said “Start by doing what’s necessary…” so start slow and focus on one necessary task at a time so it does not overwhelm you. I would recommend mindset first and then start with the training to learn everything about the opportunity. Next determine what marketing resources are available (if none are available you may have to develop your own although this is not necessary in most cases), and finally decide what type of advertising you are going to use. With this approach of taking one step at a time there will be less stress and before you know it you will be doing things you never thought possible.
  2. Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.

    Robert Louis Stevenson
    This is worth mentioning when you are joining a network marketing opportunity because many of us are blinded by the hype and expect overnight riches/success. It will not happen that way and it will be less discouraging for you if you understand this upfront and set your expectation accordingly. This could really challenge the belief that you can be successful online but I am here to tell you, if you stay the course you will eventually break through. Success is seldom based on one action or activity and a farmer would not sew the seeds one day and expect to start harvesting in the morning. It is no different with network marketing or affiliate marketing if that is what you are involve with. A farmer needs to sow the seeds, fertilize the soil, water and nurture the plants, and care for them until they actually bloom and you can reap the harvest. You too will need to be planting seeds (engaging in activities daily) so that one day you may reap the rewards of your actions.
  3. We know what we are, but know not what we may be.

    William Shakespeare
    Last but not least in network marketing as in any traditional business it is important to note that what got us here will not take us to where we want to be. Imagine taking a trip from USA to England; the car may get you to the airport or the eastern coast, but it will now take a plane or a boat to get you to your destination. To express it in network marketing terms; what it took you to make your first 100 dollars online is not going to make you 10,000 or 100,000 online. You will have to engage in different activities or different strategies. This is why you need to stay engaged in continuous learning in whatever opportunity you have engaged in whether it be network marketing, affiliate marketing, or any other type of online marketing business. I sincerely believe that you have within you what it takes to succeed and am willing to stay in your corner until you believe it.
I am personally involved in network marketing and dedicate myself to learning everything I can about the business and sharing everything I learn to help my subscribers succeed in their business. I use a blog as a marketing and advertising strategy to promote my opportunity as well as to motivate and educate my subscribers to help with their success. If you are looking for seeds to sow daily so that one day you can reap the rewards of success then blogging is an effective strategy to get your message out and establish an online presence. Does this sound like something that would benefit your business? I you answered yes than do this right now; click on the link below, watch the short and entertaining video, then get your very own custom blogging platform as I have. I will be available on the inside to keep you motivated or help you get set up.
My goal is your success Roman
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