3 Indespensible Blogging Basics Videos

So you finally started a blog; now what?? It always sounds so simple when someone explains the process of starting a new blog. That is until you actually get started then nothing seems to make much sense anymore. I know the feeling all too well as I started blogging the hard way. I built my own blog on my own domain using word press and learned everything the hard way on my own. I had no clue what a plug in was and why I would ever want one and the same thing went for widgets, themes, and opt-in boxes. I had no idea that I could monetize my blog and even less clue about how to accomplish it had I known.
  1. How to Install a WordPress Theme – MyThemeShop

    Installing a Word Press theme is one of the first things you will want to do once you get your blog installed. Here are a couple of places where you can go to download Word Press themes; http://wordpress.org or http://mythemeshop.com. A theme is basically the general appearance and layout of your site. There will be lots of choices so you should have no issues finding one that meets your personal preferences. In this video by MyThemeShop you will see all the instructions on how to go about actually installing the theme once you find one you like. Once you get your theme all installed you will still have to go through the set up which is intuitive and not very difficult. If you do run into issues there are places you can go for support and there is always YouTube.
  2. How to Install a WordPress Plugin for Beginners (Step by Step Guide)

    Word Press plug-ins are bits of software you can install on your site to expand the functionality of the site. On a short note you only have the flexibility of installing plug-ins if you have a self-hosted Word Press blog. The Word Press blog comes standard with two default plug-ins one is “Askimet” and the other is “Hello Dolly”. The first is a basic spam blocker for any comments posted to your blog and the latter really has no useful purpose I can see. If you do bother to activate it all you will see is a random lyric from the song “Hello Dolly: by Louis Armstrong on the top of pages in your admin area. I would activate the “Askimet” one and not worry about the “Hello Dolly” one. Remember that plug-in don’t automatically work once you install them, you will also have to activate them. A more useful one is the SEO all-in-one-pack which actually can help optimize your site. You can check out all the plug-ins available and decide which ones you feel will benefit your site. I included the video to help you with the installation. Do not let this intimidate you as you can go ahead and start blogging right away and add plug-ins as you learn more about them. One good place is YouTube just search for “Top” or “Best” Word Press plug-ins and you will get a good idea where to start or check out one of my previous posts on this subject right here. The important thing is to share your passion on a consistent basis and you will be found soon enough.
  3. WordPress Widgets Tutorial

    Word Press widgets are self-contained pieces of formatted content that have a specific purpose and you can place on your website/blog. The theme you have selected will determine what particular widget will be available to install. A couple of examples of widgets are “categories” and “recent posts”. You have the option of placing them on your side bar or a footer in most cases.

I have found that these three basic things go a long way to improving the appeal, look, and functionality of your blog and they are relatively simple to install and set-up. Although installing and setting up your own blog would not be a show stopper for most bloggers, if you are like me and really don’t want to get your hands dirty you can use the Word Press blogging platform I used to create this blog. If that is something you may be interested in here is what you need to do immediately. Click on the video link below, watch a short informative video, then click through and get your own blogging platform as I have. I will see you on the inside soon. Let me know in the comments if this post was helpful and if you would like to see more post on basic blogging.

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