Some Blogging Basics

Video Blogging Basics 101 by David Boozer.

This is my first day in the beta test group for Kalatu and this will be my first post for the 21 day challenge. I am ready for the challenge and have made the decision to make my blog about blogging (go figure). I am sharing a short video by Dave on Blogging Basics or Blogging 101. Just seemed like a natural place to start. In the video he is actually discussing a word press blog, if you are not familiar with this blogging platform don’t worry, for the most part it is very intuitive and user friendly. It happens to be a free platform and anyone can go there follow a few simple instructions and be ready to start blogging in a fairly short amount of time. First things first though, we should discuss why you want to start or why everyone should have some type of blog. It is a no brainer if you own some type of business are a professional of some type, lawyer, tax dude, some type of marketer or real estate agent for example. It is also a must if you happen to be passionate about some topic and just plain want to express yourself about it. A blog is the answer in either case because it is a great way to be found online. Blogging is by no means difficult as all it takes is a title for your blog and some content about whatever your heart desires and then hit publish. Well, maybe this is a bit simplistic, you will also want to know about plug-ins and widgets for your blog. These may serve to help with Search Engine Optimization (help with getting found) or simple aesthetics (making your blog look pretty) or both. You may also add media to your blog for example images (pictures) recordings (audio) or a combination of both of these (a video for instance). All of these things will not only help your blog be found, it will also help your blog get and keep a readers attention. Most folks are inclined to hang out longer if there are images or videos on your blog and some may even totally ignore the text. Hope this helps to motivate you to go online and take your business to the next level or let the world know your opinions about something you feel passionate about. Stay tuned here to further your blogging education.



Roman Deluna

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