2 Vital Tools For Success In Online Marketing

Have you lost money trying to start an online marketing business???
It is time that you stop falling victim to unscrupulous online marketing practices. The use of a few simple strategies will help keep you from losing your shirt if you are serious about starting an online business.
  1. Researching the online marketing opportunity

    You would not invest in a brick and mortar business without first doing your due diligence. This is vital when investing in an opportunity online. If you have felt jaded by one get rich quick online scheme after another, wake up already. The thing that comes to mind is “buyer beware”. Here is a simple tool I use when doing my due diligence when it comes to an online opportunity I may be considering.

    I use the internet to basically research the opportunity. I am looking for some basic information regarding the offer. I would want to know as much as possible about the product for example is it a physical or virtual product, is the product up to date (many online products may be obsolete), how long has this product been on the market. Get on some forums about the product and learn what others are saying and maybe even ask a few questions yourself.

    I then research the company if applicable. I would want to determine the longevity of this company as well as what efforts are they taking to make improvements on their product or product lines. Find out what type of leadership they have and what is their vision for the future. Determine if they have a support group or place where you can get answers when you need them, visit their website there will be a wealth of information there if they are reputable. You may also want to check on Alexa to see how their site rates overall.

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  2. Managing your online marketing opportunity

    Once you compete researching the online business you are considering then you need to take a step back and consider the following words to the wise;

    1. Never, never, never buy more than you can afford regardless of what they tell you or how great the opportunity sounds. In other words watch out for the upsells and one time offers.  There will be plenty of time to upgrade inside if this offer turns out to be right for you.  Keep in mind most of the opportunities and advise they give you works mainly with a huge audience.  If you do not have an established customer base this advice is better taken with a grain of salt.

    Better advice is to again do some due diligence on your basic offer for example if there are videos to watch or a course to complete invest the time to take these actions first.  You invested in it so it behooves you to invest some time to decides if this is worth your effort and more importantly you money.  Don’t blindly invest in some opportunity you are going t9 abandon without even completing these basic requirements.  You will be doing yourself a dis-service and online marketing opportunities will eventually land you in the poor house.

    Better yet get your own blog and start building your customer base or list as more commonly known in online marketing circles. There are plenty of places to find a blogging platform and some are even customizable and user friendly.


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If you decide you really want to share your passion with others as I have with my blog there should not be anything that gets in your way.  It is a great hobby to keep you occupied and engaged with life or whatever your passion is and if you want to earn money from this passion here is what you should be doing right now.  You should click on the link below, watch the informative video, and get your own blog. I will show you how you can earn money from it on the inside.
to your success
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