3 Safe List Traffic Hacks That Can Improve The Quality Of Traffic That Visits Your Site

What is a safe list and what you need to know about this type of traffic to improve your outcomes.
  1. Use a good source for your safe list traffic

    `You can always start with google, though that may be a bit overwhelming as there are many safe lists to choose from and selecting one may be a daunting task. I am more of a directory type of person and would recommend a “directory type approach”. One that I use is “directoryofsafelist.com”. It has a great selection of safe lists and they are all conveniently located in one place. There are many other directories of safe lists out there and they can usually be identified because they reference a number for example, 10 best safe list for internet marketing or something to that effect. I am sure you get the point. Try a few out and get your feet wet then keep the ones that are working for you as a source for your traffic needs.
  2. Don’t waste time surfing for credits

    Why is this important? Most of us do not understand that advertising is not free, we either pay for it or work for it. If you spend your time on safe lists surfing for credits it could consume the majority of your time just to get enough credits to send out one email. Safe lists do have some upgrade paid options that allow you to send out emails without surfing for credits, if you can afford the upgrades I would recommend it. Also look for options to post text ads or banner ads within the safe list to improve your return on investment. Whether to invest your time or your money is totally your decision just keep in mind that the majority of safe lists with free memberships have very limited options. The other issue with surfing for credits is that you tend to get distracted by the plethora of offers you get exposed to and may find yourself just chasing shiny objects. There is value in safe lists and they can be a source of good traffic if used wisely.
  3. The problem with free safe list memberships

    The major issue with the traffic you receive from free safe list traffic is that it comes from other free members that are surfing for credits not looking for business opportunities. Their main reason for clicking on your site is to get credits to promote theirs. Let me put it another way, when they click on your offer odds are they will watch the timer count down and collect their credits. They will not spend any time reading your offer let alone considering it. There is no problem with being a free member but there are better ways to make use of these safe lists and one is to buy solo ads within the system which go out to member’s actual contact email and not the email they used to join the safe list. Most people use a junk email to join the list in anticipation of all the email they will receive when surfing for credits as a free member. Again, it is not my intention to discourage you from using safe lists as I use them myself, just want you to be better informed about how they work.
I enjoy sharing information that has helped me in my business and find the best way of doing that is by blogging about it here and then sharing my blog with my members. You too can do the same with the Viral Blogging System. Did I mention blogging is a great way of getting traffic to your opportunity no matter what it is.
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