2 Lessons I Learned From Dad I Use Today In Network Marketing

Have you ever wondered where you learned a certain lesson?? Most of us are in a constant learning mode and lessons seem to just run together. However, every now and again I hear or see something I must have already been exposed to as a young person growing up and all of a sudden my Dad’s words start to echo in my mind.  We all have some of those lessons instilled within our minds that we subconsciously implement in our lives whether we are involved in network marketing, doing some affiliate marketing or any other type of business on or offline. More often than not I have my dad to thank for it as he was my teacher. Though I seldom understood the lesson at the time and often questioned the value of it, I apparently learned it anyway.


  1. I remember my Dad always talking about “The School of Hard Knocks” and perhaps you too have heard this words somewhere along the way. I always thought that was a silly name for an educational institution. Not only that but nowadays those teachers would probably be locked up (LOL). Over time I have learned what my Dad meant by this or at least what he was trying to convey to me. He was teaching me about failure, about set backs, about life knocking you down and you picking yourself back up. To put this in simple terms he was teaching me to learn from my mistakes and to keep moving forward.  I also know that there was more to it than that as every story has a moral and this was not exception.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Hidden in the lesson was that there were two ways of getting an education at that school. There was a hard way which is sometimes unavoidable as when you are learning to walk as no one can take those falls for you.  However in some cases there is an easier way and that is to learn from someone else’s mistakes.  A drastic example would be when your best friend jumps off the edge of a 10 foot cliff and breaks a leg, it is not necessary for you to jump off this cliff to learn that doing so may result in a broken bone.  In network marketing I take these lessons to heart and implement them often.  When you engage in any type of business you will have to take risks as a part of doing business.  This will subject you to set backs, may cost you money, you may get scammed along the way and in some cases you may even fail and have to quit.  But in quitting you are missing the greater part of the lesson which for my Dad was “stay in school”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I find that I am still enrolled in that educati0nal institution as I am sure most of you are whether you know it or not.  One thing I know is that network marketing is not something you go at alone. Find yourself a mentor or sponsor to learn from as some are willing to share their failures to help you not make the same mistakes. There are also many courses you can invest in that will teach you viable strategies so you can minimize your risk and perhaps avoid some set backs altogether.  Remember there is a hard way and an easy way and the knowledge you get from either will benefit you, but there is a reason the pencil is longer than the eraser.  If you wear out the eraser before the pencil you may need to change your approach to learning.


  1. Dad also used to tell me to “You can work with your back or you can work with your head”.  This was probably the most valuable lesson I learned growing up in the South Texas valley.  My Dad worked hard all his life and it was all back breaking type work. He had no formal education yet he knew he wanted something better for us kids and served us well as a teacher.  I can still hear these words every time I complained about having to go to school “Do you want to dig ditches all your life”. He also had an interesting way of teaching us as I dug my share of ditches, picked my share of cotton, and did my share of hoeing the weeds between the crops. The days were long, the work was exhausting, and the pay never seemed commensurate with the hours of hard labor.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  My Dad at the time was probably thinking in terms of learning how to drive a dozer and moving more dirt in less time and getting paid more than using a shovel.  These lessons have much bigger implications in my mind nowadays. I believe what he really meant was that I should strive to own the dozers, to have my own business, to quit working for wages and start working for profits.  As Jim Rohn once said “wages will make you a living, profits will make you a fortune”.  That is what led me to get involved in online business ventures starting out with affiliate marketing and then moving into network marketing.  Don’t get me wrong I still work very hard I just work smarter that I used to.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I find that I have been enrolled in this school of hard knock my whole life and it is not a school you actually ever graduate from. My Dad thought at this school during my childhood and through his lessons instilled in me that hard work always pays off as does an education. I am not one to shy away from any task because it is hard or because I have not yet figured out a better way to accomplish it, and to this day I stay constantly involved in some form of learning. Having said that, even as a child I was happy to sit in a hard desk all day long when the alternative was the hot sun on my back all day long in some field with what at the time seemed like endless rows to hoe.  My Dad is no longer around but I think he would be proud to know that all his words did not fall on deaf ears although he probably must have felt that way since he repeated them often.
I blog about these topics so that perhaps I can help someone with their own personal development. It is my intention to help you find a better approach to what you do online or maybe just remember some of your child hood lessons and make them a part of your business. I also find that teaching what I learn is a good way of solidifying my knowledge. Have you got something to share and just need the right venue. If that is what is keeping you from expressing yourself or sharing some sage advise here is what I recommend you do right now; click on the link below and watch the short entertaining video and join me on the inside.
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