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The American Dream is still alive and well in New York; don’t believe it just ask 22 year old Steven Prescod.
  1. Young performer in NYC gets contact info from Prince William

    It is such a heartwarming moment when you experience a life changing event even if it is not happening to you. You have to see this video about how a young NYC performer had the performance of his life or the performance that no doubt will change his life. Sitting front row in the audience was Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton. What happened next was inspirational and changed the life of 22 year old Steven Prescod forever. What was inspirational to me was that this young man plans on using his talents to help others that probably have little reason for hope in their lives. The world needs more young men and women with these type of aspirations.
I enjoy posting positive news as it makes my day start out on a happy note. Unfortunately we are bombarded by so much negative news that sometimes the good stuff gets lost in the noise. If you want to share your comments below feel free to do so. If you are more inclined to voice your own opinion and want your own space to rant or rave and get paid while you do it; then you need to click on the link below, watch the video, get your own blog and I will show you how on the inside. to your success roman
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