2 Insightful Personal Development Quotes

If you do not invest in your personal development, how do you expect to improve your online business??
  1. The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.


    The value of personal development is not new and it is not any more popular than it was back in the days of Aristotle. It has always been and more than likely always will be a bitter pill to swallow. That being said it is hard to argue that there is not immeasurable value in continuing education. There is a reason trade magazines keep specific disciplines educated on their latest developments, educational institutions update their curriculums regularly, and even online marketing has new courses with the latest and greatest strategies for success.

    I remember the days when I could fix anything that went wrong with my car as a young man but now barely recognize anything under the hood. There is no question that progress is going to happen; the onus is on us to keep up. Rest assured it will make a huge difference on our success regardless of what business we are engaged in.

  2. Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.

    Anthony J. D’Angelo

    The downside to learning is that most consider it tedious and boring or feel they do not have time to spend countless hours in a classroom. The best way to get over these obstacles is to find a vocation you are passionate about, a vocation that inspires you, one that drives you to be the best. I am convinced that if you are not doing something you love you will not be likely to invest in any type of personal development or self improvement.

    If you are passionate about what you are doing personal development will come second nature. There are many ways to seek knowledge in your field but my favorite is books and I do a combination of reading and listening to audio books. I try to do this everyday and it is now something I actually look forward to and my favorite topic is personal development which I balance with my online marketing training. It is important that you continue to grow in your personal life and in your business if not happiness and success may just elude you.

I tend to blog about what I learn in my personal development as it helps me better understand the concepts of the lesson. In addition to that I enjoy sharing my new knowledge with my subscribers. I assume if you are reading this post you are also passionate about your own personal improvement. If this is the case you need to click the link below my post; watch the video; and get your own viral blogging system and one day I will be reading your blog.

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