2 Essential Tools For Charting A Course For Success In Your Business

You would not embark on a trip without first consulting some type of road map, why would you start any business venture without charting some type of course???
  1. Mission Statement

    A mission statement sets forth the ethics, culture, philosophies and guide to decision making that will define you or your organization. It is generally written in a few succinct sentences as it is not intended to be used as an operating procedure that would include specific details of your business operations. A sample mission statement for an online business may be: Our mission is to provide all our subscribers with exceptional value in the form of motivation, training, and resources to make them successful team members and future team leaders within our organization. To continue to develop and grow our organization into a top industry leader serious online marketers are eager to join. For our success to be defined by our contributions to our online community. You can check out some actual mission statements at missionstatements.com as well as get some information on creating your own. Remember this is important as you will not know you have reached your destination if you are not aware of where you are headed.

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  2. Business Plan

    So you decided on a destination and plotted a course, now comes the meat and potatoes for actually getting to your destination. This is where you need a business plan which is what will detail the specifics of this journey or business venture. Business plans provide the details you will need to stay on course, make course corrections, track your progress, view results and make any necessary adjustments along the way. Many folks wait until they have some external reason for development of a business plan for example getting a business loan, or recruiting investors for their business. I suggest you develop one based on your own personal success regardless of whether you need a loan or investors. You have all the qualifications to develop your own as you are uniquely qualified in all aspects of your own business and know what your goals are and what you want to accomplish. You can find lots of help online if you choose to do your own plan. If you are not comfortable doing your own you can hire outside consultants. The important part is that you have a plan in place. If you do choose to develop your own keep in mind that plans always change so you do not necessarily need to know what will happen in 9 months or a year from now. Your plan is basically a tool for keeping your business development on the right course. bplans.com is a good place to get ideas and examples of business plans as well other basic information regarding business plans. The important thing here is for you to educate yourself on business plans as they will help keep your business on track and should be an integral part of any business venture.

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