2 Blogging Hacks That Can Make You Blog Like A Pro

So you decided you wanted to start a blog and call yourself a blogger; now you stare at a blank page and nothing comes to mind. It is such a treat to share your experiences, your learning, and even your set backs or pitfalls you many encounter on your journey to success. These simple things may help you get a good start blogging, but the best option is something you are passionate about. I suggest you find your passion.
  1. Overcoming blogging fears

    First and foremost among blogging fears is what will it cost me to indulge my passions online. It starts with getting a domain, then finding hosting for your domain, next you will need a theme, maybe even have to pay someone to customize it, or have to pay for repairs. Then you will need to overcome writers block as you wonder where will the words come from. Relax, this is not the end of the world as there are several free platforms out there you can start with that will help you keep costs down to a minimum. Just type “free blogging platforms” into the google search box and you will have a plethora of choices.

    There is really no reason for this one, you will quickly overcome it after a few posts. Start writing about something you like, a website you found informative, a product that worked for you, or some expert advice you found helpful. There are lots of sources for ideas where you can find topics to write about. A good practice is start an idea file and jot down ideas when you get them. The more ideas you jot down the more that will come to you.

    Another common fear is not having the time to blog. If you are passionate enough about something and you want to share that bad enough you will find the time. It can be difficult to put out a 500 word essay with perfect grammar and spelling on a frequent basis. However, there is no requirement to do that you just need to be yourself and don’t worry too much about little mistakes or spend a huge amount of time trying to fix it. There are also some shortcuts you can take for example you may post a “Youtube” video and then just write your take on it if you liked, didn’t like, thought it was funny, or found it useful etc… This would be pretty quick and painless. You may also quote a story you saw in the news then share your comments about it. You may even use a template as I do in the “21 Day Challenge” with my Kalatu blog. If you want more info on this check out the video below.

  2. Blgging strategies for monetizing your blog

    If you have decided that you want to blog as a means of earning an extra income or even a primary income here are some strategies to help you be successful. First and foremost blog daily, do not expect to write one blog post and collect a paycheck the next day. Odds are this will not happen for you so you will need to manage your expectations. It will takes months and not days to start seeing results in a real world scenario so brace yourself. Remember this is no different than any real life business type opportunity you have to show up to work or you don’t get paid, you have to put in the time period. Just embrace the learning curve.

    Content is very important to your success if you do not focus on content that attracts the readers you want to reach, all your blog posts may just fall on deaf ears. You want exciting content that will engage your readers and get them to return to your blog after their first visit and maybe even share your content. Give people reasons to comment for example “what did you find most inspiring”, or “which video did you like best”, or “did you find this post helpful?” Be persistent and remember it will take time for results.

    The last thing you need to do is promote your blog. This is probably the most important step. You need to syndicate it quickly by posting it on Facebook and Facebook groups that share your interest, sharing it with your list, tweeting it to your following, using Linked In, or even Google plus. You get the idea so get the word out anyway you can. Promotion is just basically advertising and every business relies on advertising to succeed.

I found that the “21 Day Blogging Challenge” really gave me a jump start in my blogging journey. The templates especially are a huge help as I can usually get a blog post out in less than an hour a day. So if blogging is what you want to do and earning income is your goal go do this right now while you are here. Click on the image below, check out the informative video, and get your own blogging platform right now. I will show you what you need to know about making money from your blog on the inside.

to your success

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