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This blog is designed with the begginer, newbie, rookie…etc. in mind.  However there is a little of something for everyone interested in making money within the online space.  I write on topics that span the gamut from affiliate marketing to network marketing and focus on all aspects of associated with these type of online business.  It is not designed to be a specific training program with a start and end date resulting in a specific outcome.  This blog is also not intended to promote any specific program or opportunity although I occasionally discuss/review opportunities I may be involved with.  However, I do not make it a habit of promoting anything I am not actively using in my business or promoting any opportunity I am not vested in.

It is also intended to provide new entrepreneurs a great resource they can use to get educated on many different aspects of Affiliate or network marketing regardless of what opportunity they are involved with.  I do appreciate comments and you are always welcome to share any content on this blog. If you are looking for specific information on a topic related to this type of business just use the search box and in most cases you will find something on your topic of interest.

It is also my goal to educate you in due diligence when it comes to joining any online opportunity as buyer beware has never been more relevant than it is in this space. Whatever you are involved with be sure to read the fine print and I will give you some examples.

I you ever purchased any weight loss products you may already know this but if you haven’t noticed you may want to pay attention now.  Regardless of the weight loss product or weight loss program you will not find a magic button that takes off the weight and you probably already know this if you tried to lose weight at some point in your life.  Here is what I have found in the fine print of all the product and programs I have used to lose weight: Hidden somewhere in the literature or label you will find something like for best results you should practice proper nutrition and excercise regularly.  Big surprise if you eat well and exercise regularly you will not need what they are selling to lose weight. Having said that I have not tried every program or supplement out there but without exception the ones I tried had something about eating right and exercising somewhere in the fine print.

Network marketing is no different when it comes to magic buttons and here’s what is most likely in the fine print of most programs or opportunities: results not typical, we can’t gaurantee your success, and different experts/gurus on this space try to convince you one aspect is the most important to be successful in this business.  Some believe that the right traffic is the magic you need, some think you should focus on building an email list, some believe it is the funnel/landing page you use, still others think it is the right website or blogging, and there are those that are convinced software is the magic wand you need.  Here is my honest opinion for what it’s worth, the truth is you really need to be proficient in all of this areas.  The magic they do not tell you about up front is that is is going to take a ton of effort on your part, in other words you will have to put in the sweat equity just like we discussed in the weight loss example.

I sincerely hope that if you are looking to make money in the online space do not set unrealistic expectations for yourself or you will soon be disappointed, overwhelmed, and in most cases broke.  To be successful you will need knowledge, you will need tools, and you will need to focus on the opportunity you choose to engage.  Remember whether you are an entrepreneur in the online space or trying to lose weight there is no magic button and neither is going to happen for you overnight.  In this space I recommend you give it 90 days minimum. It is important to do your due diligence regardless of the opportunity and here are some of the things to consider.  Look for opportunities that have training, a quick start guide, a good mentor you actually resonate with, and an entry point that is within your budget keeping in mind you may need to purchase tools and have some type of advertising budget in addition to the cost of joining the opportunity.  I sincerely hope I did not discourage any of you from chasing your entrepreneurial spirit in the online space and realizing your dreams.  I do wish you success and sincerely hope you found some help in this stop along your journey.


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